Monday, September 29, 2008

#112: D017 - The deep South 02-06-1939 to 05-13-1939

Posting after a long time again, been busy watching the credit crisis take away 25% of my hard earned 401K (pension plan). How Ironic that since my money is in the market I have to pay up for somebody's bad lending decisions. While the CEOs of those banks and mortgage institutions wind up with millions of dollars (all of our hard earnings), heard a CEO of Washington Mutual who worked for 18 days wound up with 13.1 million!!! Wish I knew how to make that kind of money. Oh , well let me know if you have any such ideas I can use....

Here is an old daily published in Pioneer. Enjoy.. (oh and somebody called me selfish for not posting comic strips, if I had really been I would not have started this blog.....Nice compliments, friend)

Download Comic Strip Here

Saturday, September 6, 2008

#111: S047 Curse of the Kavrun Emerald From 29 Oct 1950 to 14 Jan 1951

Posting after a long time. Thanks for checking this site often. Very happy to let you all know a couple more contributors have been gracious to share their treasure of some Mandrake stories. Will be posting them soon. Hope you are all doing well. Presenting a 1950s Sunday story, thanks to Myron. I love the clarity of these scans and vintage B/W still is very enjoyable, provided the scans are good.

Download Strip Here