Friday, March 21, 2014

#280 - S020 - The Flame Pearls Pt.7: Land of the Giants And D158 - The Cobra and the Cube

Balaji's blog (well it is this one) and Lothar's blog ( were two blogs which were solely dedicated to the first super hero in comics history - Mandrake The Magician. Many of us got a taste of the early Mandrake stories from these blogs.

Unfortunately, Lothar's blog has run into some technical problems and no new posts are possible in that blog.

So with Lothar's permission, I have offered to post any of his strips in this blog till Lothar can post on his own. So here are two of the Mandrake strips that Lothar has edited, which are being posted in this blog. The links are available in the Comments portion of his blog also.

Download Lothar's original link from here.

Lothar had also earlier posted a link to D158 - The Cobra And The Cube in his blog, in the comments column.

Some of you may have downloaded these already.

Thanks, Lothar for these two strips and the 232 others that you have been meticulously collecting and editing for our enjoyment.

Most Important:
Lothar has posted a gist of his problem on his blog in the comments. If any of you can help him fix the issue, please do get in contact with him at his blog or his email -


Saturday, March 15, 2014

#279 - S171_TheGalacticBirthdayAdventure_(01-02-94_to_01-22-95)

When we hear the term "Talking Heads", the first image we get in our minds is about these bloviating know-alls that come on TV and talk about almost everything under the Sun.

But in the Mandrake stories, we encounter a different group of talking heads - wise men with extra-ordinary powers. And when they join forces with Mandrake and friends in battling extra-terrestrial terrorists all in the middle of Nardraka's 10th birthday celebrations, it will be some story.

Download the story from here.