Friday, April 14, 2017

#312 - Happy Vishu to one and all. Enjoy The Mirror people!

Vishu or the Malayalam New Year has always a special place in my heart. It was during one such Vishu 5 years ago that I stepped in to help post comics in Balaji's blog. Last year, we were not able to celebrate Vishu because of the unexpected demise of an extended family member.

Here are some pictures from the Vishu celebrations earlier this morning.

What after all is Vishu if you do not have a Mandrake strip to read. Emile has been kind enough to provide us with strips for the story "The Mirror People" which ran for 10 weeks. The version we have is from the pages of Magic Comic book.

Here is the first panel:

Download the story from Emile's original link here and shower your thanks on him.