Wednesday, October 31, 2007

#064:D009 - In the Cobra's Grip 04-19-1937 to 09-11-1937 Part 1 of 2

Here is an old daily strip. Fascinating content. One of the oldest strips I have dated 1937.
Enjoy. I don't think this was published in any comic book...Readers, I feel very lucky to come across these scans. I did not imagine I would get access to these scans.
If any of you have old Mandrake strips please do scan and send me, I will post them so that we can all enjoy reading these classics.

Part 2 Coming soon....

Mandrake the Magician upcoming movie update....

The Mandrake the Magician movie currently in development now has a lead attached to it:

Monday, October 29, 2007

#063: Indrajal Comic No.169 Partners In Crime

To Celebrate the recovery of this blog and to bring back fun filled memories of reading Indrajal comics, here is one scanned by Ajay Mishra, Thanks for the scans. This was a request from Chandan. Enjoy
As always Folks, please feel free to comment and discuss any topic of interest. Encourage all the readers to comment freely here so that we can all have a good time. The goal is to have fun and relive the childhood memories reading these comics.

Download Comic Here