Monday, October 8, 2007

#052: Indrajal Comic No.251 The Killer Computer

UPDATE: The Man Hunting Witch is being scanned by a contributor and will be posted when available.

Need some help in identifying the Mandrake comics (and eventually dailies and sundays) that have already been posted on other blogs TCP, CW, ICC, TPH . This document will have to be kept updated for future posts.

Can someone/set of people help for this effort? I have created a spreadsheet that lists all the Mandrake comics published by Indrajal. I want to know what comics have not been posted yet so that we can reduce duplication of efforts and focus on bringing missing ones.

Please contact me by email if you are interested. Thanks in advance.

Found this one in my collection. Scanned by Mishraji. Thanks.
Did Anybody see last night's last second win by the Dallas Cowboys? (For Non US folks, this is the NFL American Football team in Dallas)
This one is for celebrating the win by Kicker NICK FOLK who made 2 consecutive 53 yard field goals and the return of Chandoba (ICC)!!!

Download Comic Here


Chandan said...

Thanks so much for respecting my ask.I saw the poll and have already voted for it.
Looking forward to a great relationship with you in the near future.I reckon, with Indrajals surfacing on your blog,you have attracted a lot of viewers.
By the way,the current post is a fantastic one.
I love you all.
Great attitude.Always by your viewers,ready to oblige.
Where would you get such a fantastic combination?
Iam just lucky to have crossed paths with all of you.

The Phantom Head said...

Wonderful post. Thanks to you and Mishra Ji.

Rahul said...

Great comic.Fantastic scans.And a nice poll.
I would have been very grateful had TELLTALE DOLL AND JUNGLE DRUMS been included.

Colonel Worobu said...

Thank you Bala!

Hope Patrolman CW will rescue me by posting ads for this and the gold man issue :o)

Chandan said...

Dear MTM,it was very nice of you to post a few vintage comics for a poll.But I think "THE TREACHEROUS GANG" has been posted sometime back by TCP.So if possible can it be replaced by either "DEATH WARRANT","PARTNERS IN CRIME","INVASION OF THE EARTH" Or"THE HANGMAN'S KNOT".
We all will be delighted and greatful if you can substitute one of these(surely not posted anywhere else)or even include them in the next poll.
Hoping for a positive nod.Thanks.

Phantom And Mandrake Fan said...

@Chandan: You are welcome. Thanks for voting. Can expect great hospitality at MTM. I definitely think the number of visitors have increased, thanks to Mishraji for the scans and to Rahul for persuading me to post indrajals. I guess we are lucky to come across each other having the same mutual interest. Share that thought
@TPH: You are welcome.
@Rahul: Am posting those soon as King comics. Have not forgotten your requests.
@CW: You are welcome. I hope so as well.
@Chandan:You are right, I will update that soon. Let me see what I have available.