Saturday, June 30, 2012

#198. 7 or 9? Who cares? I've met them all!

This is my penultimate post before Balaji makes his 200th post. Well, in my home state of Kerala, they say that there are seven other people looking exactly similar to anyone in this earth. Hmmm. So there are 7 people looking exactly like me. Wonder if I will ever get to meet even one of them. In some other parts, the number goes up to 9.

I think Mandrake must be the one person who has had the occasion to meet most of his look-alikes. It gives rise to a trivia question - Can any one come up with how many of his duplicates, Mandrake has seen ? And since it is Mandrake, it goes without mentioning that he would have definitely come to their rescue. Of course the story that will come first to anyone's mind will be the story of the ownership of Xanadu.

I have to express my heartfelt thanks to Paulo, for his efforts in editing and even replacing some missing strips with those from DC, India.



Saturday, June 23, 2012

#197 - I have a dream ...

In my last post, I had a story from Falk-Fredericks combo about Narda's dream. How about a post about Mandrake's dream? I can take a bet about one thing - Mandrake is never going to dream of. NARDA!! When he has her alive and well beside him, why would he have to dream of her. So what does he dream? And, in the end,  was it all really a dream?

Thanks to Paulo for extracting the strips and putting them out as a .cbr file for us to enjoy.

There are a few more strips, which we will soon be fixing and posting for all to enjoy. Some of them might come after Balaji comes out with his 200th post. I will be hanging up my gloves after 2 more posts and wait for Balaji to do his 200th post.

Almost all of the stories that succeed this one are available in Lothar's blog.

Read and Enjoy,


Saturday, June 16, 2012

#196 - Narda also dreams? Huh, I thought she only appeared in our dreams!!

3 more posts and then comes the anticipated double century from Balaji. Since it is like a dream come true, what better post to make than the dream of one of the most beautiful female characters in the history of comic strips?

Thanks to Paulo, for extracting and editing this from the PDFs into the cbr format. This was one of the strips that was skipped earlier. I know that this was published by Diamond Comics in India in color.

I am working on getting some dailies from the seventies and eighties. All of them are from microfilms. One of them is the interesting story "The Thieves". Keep ruminating on what is so interesting about that story, while you enjoy Narda's dream. And to think that she was in the dreams of so many young boys of those times!!



Saturday, June 9, 2012

#195. It's not Balaji yet. It's just I, the Clay Camel!!

Five more to go for Balaji's double century post. What better story to post than a Clay Camel one, since I have transformed into Balaji for the last few weeks. It is a short and funny story.

It goes without saying all credits are owed richly to our friend Paulo for all the hard work in extraction and editing of this strip.


Venkitachalam Subramanian

(P.S. The stories preceding and succeeding this one are available in Lothar's blog. Don't forget to grab them if you don't have them)

Saturday, June 2, 2012

#194 - Sikandar, Iskandar or Buffo - I just need to get her!!

There is an old saying in the language of Malayalam (the main language of my home state of Kerala, in the Southern part of India) - Kanakam Moolam Kaamini Moolam - which points out that great men have become little men (I can't use the word dwarf, because of PC), because of the unwarranted attraction to Kanakam (gold or wealth) or Kamini (woman).

In this story we have Buffo, who has a lot of Kanakam, falls for a Kamini by the name of Narda. And then we have his downfall, because he did not reckon with Narda's two meddlesome friends going by the names of Mandrake and Lothar.

Lee Falk seems to be bringing out bits and pieces of his own older stories involving not only Mandrake but also  his other creation, the Phantom.

Once again, Paulo deserves all credits and thanks for extracting the story and putting it into a .cbr format. He also deserves all the credit for having paid the full amount to get into the paid archives to get these stories.Balaji and  I just piled on to help him download the newspapers, as they were just too many. We had to download the complete daily newspaper and at times they were more than 50 MB in size for a day.

(We hit a snag and so there are a few gaps. We hope to overcome the difficulties soon and bring you the remaining stories as soon as possible.)


Venkitachalam Subramanian