Saturday, June 9, 2012

#195. It's not Balaji yet. It's just I, the Clay Camel!!

Five more to go for Balaji's double century post. What better story to post than a Clay Camel one, since I have transformed into Balaji for the last few weeks. It is a short and funny story.

It goes without saying all credits are owed richly to our friend Paulo for all the hard work in extraction and editing of this strip.


Venkitachalam Subramanian

(P.S. The stories preceding and succeeding this one are available in Lothar's blog. Don't forget to grab them if you don't have them)


praveen said...

What a wonderful Clay Camel !!!!!
I mean both Clay Camels !!!!!!

Peter Hammill said...

Dear friends....

where can I find Lothar's Blog??

"Life Gets Sweeter Everyday!"

Peter Hammill - SP

PBC said...

Thanks a lot Paulo and Venkit! This team work is very productive for Mandrake fans.
@Peter Hammill: Lothar's blog address is