Tuesday, March 20, 2012

#178: MEGA Mandrake Flame Pearls Sundays Post

How are you all doing? Here is a mega mega Mandrake post that I always wanted to read all of the stories at one stretch. It is one of my biggest posts covering a period of almost 2 years.

Happy Ugadhi/GudiPadwa (Happy New Year) and Shri RamaNavami (Lord Rama's birthday) to all.

Thanks a lot to all these fabulous people (in no particular order): Paulo Marques, Lothar, Magnus Magnusson, Venkitachalam, Steve Cottle (Ilovecomix) for their priceless contributions and efforts.

They have been very instrumental in searching for these stories, scanning them, cleaning them, organizing them and making it available to all of us who do not have access and resources to these stories.

Thanks also to Australian Women's weekly for publishing Mandrake Sundays and making it available.

If some publisher were to publish all these stories in full color, I will be very glad to buy it. Hope that day comes around soon. Enjoy reading them.

It will take a while to read them all in one stretch and is worth your time.

Here are the Flame Pearls adventure stories:

S014 The Flame Pearls Pt.1: Attempted Assassination From 21 Apr 1940 to 26 May 1940
6 Weeks

S015 The Flame Pearls Pt.2: Magnetic Island From 2 Jun 1940 to 11 Aug 1940 11 Weeks

S016 The Flame Pearls Pt.3: The Three Cows From 18 Aug 1940 to 22 Sep 1940 6 Weeks

S017 The Flame Pearls Pt.4: The Amazons From 13 Oct 1940 to 22 Dec 1940 11 Weeks

S018 The Flame Pearls Pt.5: The Ghost Ship From 29 Dec 1940 to 20 Apr 1941 17 Weeks

S019 The Flame Pearls Pt.6: The Witch of Tago From 27 Apr 1941 to 22 Jun 1941 9 Weeks

S020 The Flame Pearls Pt.7: Land of the Giants From 29 Jun 1941 to 2 Nov 1941 19 Weeks

S021 The Flame Pearls Pt.8: The Hungry Isles From 9 Nov 1941 to 12 Apr 1942 23 Weeks

Thursday, March 8, 2012

#177: D049_TheBigTyme From October 04, 1948 to December 25, 1948

Happy International Women's Day to all Women!!!

To commemorate this International Day decided to post a daily where women have a key role.

Thanks a lot to Venkit again for providing me this daily, for taking the efforts to procure the scans, clean it up and make it available for all of us to have a great time enjoying reading this daily strip.

Mandrake's magic really comes in handy in this strip and using his hypnotic power outsmarts the thugs. His ability to read a mind is incredible. Enjoy.

Download the Strip Here