Thursday, November 19, 2009

#154: D126 Return of the Mirror People From 24 Aug 1964 To 2 Jan 1965

Many Thanks to John Weathers for sharing this story. You will need a mirror to enjoy this story. Thanks to Terry Hill a long time Mandrake Fan and collector for coming up with the last 2 panels to complete the story.

Have this story in color in better scan quality, but not in English. Will put that one up as well. If any of you come across better scans of this story, please do send me. Thanks.

D126 Return of the Mirror People From 24 Aug 1964 To 2 Jan 1965

Download Strip Here.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

#153: S186 Return of the Tourist From 9 Dec 2001 To 12 May 2002

Many Thanks to Rick Hy for sharing these with Mandrake fans around the world. Enjoy.
Wanted to post this in May but never found time to do it.

S186 Return of the Tourist From 9 Dec 2001 To 12 May 2002

Download Strip Here

Thursday, November 5, 2009

#152: D148 Magic Man From 13 Sep 1971 To 18 Dec 1971

Howdy Folks.....

Am back again. Looked up this story in my library and found it interesting. Hope you will like it.
Enjoy. Thanks to Magnus for sharing this story.

Does Anyone have stories D146 & D147 in English? Appreciate sharing them.

146Narda and The Cats8 Mar 197129 May 197112
147The Wonder that Amazed the World31 May 197111 Sep 197115

D148_Magic_Man_13 Sep 1971_18 Dec 1971

Download Strip Here

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

#151: D-257 One Wizard Too Many From 2008.12.15 to 2009.08.01

Hi Folks,
Long time since I posted a story. Most of you may have read this but just wanted to post something after a long gap caused by many reasons. Nevertheless passion for reading Mandrake is always there within. I think many of the frequent visitors must have deserted the blog. Enjoy.

One Wizard Too Many

Download Strip Here

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

#148: KING Comics #6 Incredible Space Menace

Another interesting story from King Comics, has been released as an Indrajal Comic.
Thanks to an unknown Mandrake fan for scanning this. Enjoy.

Download Mandrake the Magician 06(King) - Incredible Space Menace.cbr

Friday, May 15, 2009

#147: S094 The Castaway From 26 Jan 1964 To 9 Aug 1964

Thanks to Myron & Rick Hy for sharing this story. Missing one sunday, not a problem. Very good story indeed. Enjoy

Download S094 The Castaway From 26 Jan 1964 To 9 Aug 1964.cbr

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

#145:D090 The Chess Kings From 24 Dec 1956 To 2 Mar 1957

Presenting another nice daily story about the Kings of Gambita & Philador, the cousins who we saw in the previous post and their madness for the game of Chess. Thanks a ton to Myron and Rick Hy for providing the scans.

Download D090 The Chess Kings From 24 Dec 1956 To 2 Mar 1957.cbr

Sunday, May 10, 2009

#144: KING Comics #5 Cape Cod Caper & The Fear Mongers

Presenting a King Features release. Thanks to an unknown scanner. Mandrake encounters Pirates from sea and air. 2 Nice stories. Enjoy. I wish there was Mandrake patrolling the Somali seas where piracy is flourishing.

Download Mandrake the Magician 005 - Cape Cod Caper.cbr

Friday, May 8, 2009

#143: S150 The Cloud Men From 27 Feb 1983 To 4 Sep 1983

Another interesting sunday story, Mandrke with the anti gravity belt and the cloud men, what a concept. Enjoy. Scans provided by the pioneer Ajay Mishra. Thanks a lot.

Download S150 The Cloud Men From 27 Feb 1983 To 4 Sep 1983.cbr

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

#142: S085 Sky Raid From 11 Dec 1960 to 5 Feb 1961

Presenting a classic sunday story compliments of Myron & Rick. Enjoyed the story. I hope you do as well. Narda is taken as a hostage and has an active role in this story.

Download S085 Sky Raid From 11 Dec 1960 To 5 Feb 1961.cbr

News of Yore 1949: Mandrake Art a Family Affair From a Blog

Very Nice Article on Phil & Martha Davis's Work from

Interesting to know how Mandrake comic strip survived through all those tough years.

Thanks to Thomas Grimaldi for emailing me the article... I thought this warrants to have a post by itself.

Found a good link on Phil Davis:

Some More info from
1906 - born on the 4th of March in St. Louis, Missouri.

- Davis became interested in drawing when he was six years old. "I had a mania for parades," he recalled. "I drew every parade I could see.
- His first professional artwork was for the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, and he left the newspaper to do magazine illustrations and advertising art before eventually landing at King Features Syndicate.
1934 - He met Lee Falk, the two collaborated on Mandrake the Magician.
- One of Davis' assistants was Ray Moore, who later became the first artist on Falk's other comic strip, The Phantom.

1964 - Davis died.

News of Yore 1949: Mandrake and Narda Look Like Creators

by Ogden J. Rochelle (E&P, 1/22/49)

Cartoonists often draw heroes (i.e. principal characters) that resemble themselves.

This statement is trite, with varying degrees of accuracy, but it is doubly true in the case of "Mandrake the Magician," drawn for King Features Syndicate by Phil Davis.

Not only can Davis put on silk topper and cloak and pass for Mandrake, but Mrs. Davis can slip into one of the fashionable frocks of Narda, the heroine, and Mandrake fans would see the resemblance.

Mrs. Davis, as a matter of fact, often draws Narda. An artist in her own right, and a fashion illustrator for a St. Louis department store until early in War II, Martha Davis got in the habit of drawing Narda—and sometimes the entire strip — when her husband was working with the Curtiss-Wright Corp., illustrating Air Force manuals.

"Without her help," says Davis, "Mandrake probably would have folded."

Mrs. Davis enjoyed her work on the strip so much she stayed on after the War. Now the couple produce it as a joint effort, but Phil usually does Mandrake and Martha usually does Narda. They work in a studio in downtown St. Louis, move out into the Ozarks in the Summer.

The strip was hatched when Lee Falk, a St. Louis advertising agency executive, asked Davis to draw a dozen panels on a speculative basis. Davis agreed and in 1934 Falk took the idea to New York and sold it. Falk has continued to supply the continuity. Artist and continuity writer are no longer geographically close. Falk, now a New Yorker, spends his summers in Massachusetts, where he is co-owner of Cambridge Summer Theater.

Mandrake is another strip with double-appeal—to the men for adventure action, and to the women because of the accurate modishness of Narda's wardrobe.

Davis denies any resemblance, especially Mandrake's lust for strenuous exercise.

"When I get the desire to exercise," he says, "I just lie down for awhile until it passes."

Monday, May 4, 2009

#141: D255 The Unknown Island From 2008.01.07 to 2008.06.14

Here's an another recent daily of Fred Fredricks. Narda comes through dangers in her trip without Mandrake's help. Another one of those stories where Narda has a major role. Enjoy.

Download D255 The Unknown Island From 2008.01.07 to 2008.06.14.cbr

Password:D255 The Unknown Island

Missing Strips in the Bookworm Story...

I did not realize I had 4 days strips missing in the Bookworm story. Emile Schwarz has provided me the strips and here they are. Thanks a lot for the research and providing the missing strips.
The missing strips are Mandrake_2008-06-17.gif, Mandrake_2008-06-21.gif, Mandrake_2008-07-11.gif and Mandrake_2008-08-30.gif
I hope all of you know how to include them into the CBR file. If not, let me know and I can help you.

Friday, May 1, 2009

#140: Mandrake & L'uomo Mascherato Italian Scans

Presenting Italian scans I came across looking for Mandrake. Thanks to Unknown scanners.
The book has 2 Phantom stories and 1 Mandrake Daily. Nice coloring...

Since, I have the Mandrake Daily D010 in English , I am going to post it here as many people may not know Italian.

D010 - Mandrake in America 09-13-1937 to 01-29-1938



Download D010 - Mandrake in America 09-13-1937 to 01-29-1938

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

#139: S182 High Climb to Danger From 4 Jun 2000 To 24 Sep 2000

Presenting a Mandrake Sunday compliments of Magnus. Many thanks for scanning and sharing.
Mandrake's great adventure to go to Xanadu by foot. What a trip to go through all those obstacles to keep away villians and he has to find a way to get through them to reach Narda.
Interesting story. Enjoy.

Download cbr file S182 High Climb to Danger From 4 Jun 2000 To 24 Sep 2000

Password:High Climb to Danger

Friday, April 24, 2009

#138: Indrajal Comic 146 Mandrake and the Cobra (High Quality Scans)

One of the old Indrajal Comics, I believe the first of the Cobra adventures. Enjoy.

Thanks to Venkit for scanning the comic in higher scan resolution.
Cover scanned by Ajay Mishra & Chandoba, added some photoshop effect.

Download 146-1971-Mandrake and The Cobra.cbr

Password: Mandrake and The Cobra

Ennio Morricone The Maestro

Enjoy the great music of Ennio Morricone...Thanks to Tom Williams for letting me know of this blog. A very nice blog indeed and a must visit site for all Morricone fans.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

#137: Happy Earth Day To All Visitors

Wishing you all a very Happy Earth Day. I have some fantastic news to report. The blog's attempt to reach out to individuals having rare stories and panels of Mandrake has paid off I feel. I am very lucky to be able to get in touch with those elite few. Please join me in welcoming 2 new contributors Einar johnskås from Norway and John Weathers from US.

John has been kind enough to share the return of the mirror people story in English from his collection and will be made available here soon after Indrajal Comics are completed. Thanks a lot. Einar johnskås has been able to locate the first 2 weeks of Lothar the Champ story in English!!! Many thanks to him for his efforts and in sharing his treasure.

So, on Earth day this year, how are you celebrating? Recycling or walking somewhere instead of driving or trying to find ways to reduce your carbon footprint? I know how I am going to contribute, by not printing anything today and going to drive less today. I recycle as much as I can and encourage my kids to do the same.

Ohh I forgot, the blog visits has crossed 100,000!!!
Many Thanks to ALL readers and contributors that have made the blog a success. Keep visiting and let us have a goodtime reading a story.... Scans provided by Ajay Mishra, the pioneer contributor. Many Thanks for your time.


Found this nice document and thought why not include this on Earth Day post. Indeed some excellent photos by Astronaut Sunita Williams. Many thanks to the person who has shared this on Scribd.
Pictures of Earth
Pictures of Earth Kosla Vepa Awesome

Download V22N23-1985-Mandrake-The Predator Star.pdf

Password: The Predator Star

Download V22N23-1985-Mandrake-The Predator Star.cbr

Password: The Predator Star

Monday, April 20, 2009

New Blog Created For Three Investigators....

Announcing a new blog for reading three investigators stories online, always wanted to do this.

Have you read this series?

Here is the first post. The Secret of Terror Castle. Enjoy...

Friday, April 17, 2009

#136 D256 Beware The BookWorm From June 16, 2008 To Dec 13th, 2008 Enjoy Online

Trying a new thing from Let me know if you like this format as compared to uploading each file into imageshack.

Download D256 Beware_The_Bookworm! From Jun 16 2008 to Dec 13 2008.cbr

Password : D256 Beware_The_Bookworm!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Need some scans 8 pages in English to have the comic book completed.

ONE MORE UPDATE: Biblioteka Nostalgija Post has been updated. I had it wrongly labelled as Yugoslav Mandrake. Anon visitor has corrected me. It is Serbian Mandrake. Thanks for pointing it out.

Indrajal Comic Vol 22 No. 39 The Claws of Treachery is now available.

Today is the The Comic Project Blog's 4th Anniversary. Please visit the blog and congratulate the author for his efforts in scanning and bringing the Indrajal Comics to the web and make it available to the fans.

A lot of the comic scans were made available to him later were from Ajay Mishra.
Many thanks to him as always.

These scans are contributions from Tom Williams who has just retired and is enjoying his retirement by listening to music and watching movies. Nice Life, Enjoy.

Unfortunately his copy is missing these pages. Does Anyone have these 8 pages in English? If so, a monthly magazine of Pioneer would be complete, I have the remaining pages in English. I really would appreciate your contribution.

From The Xanadu Web Site the scans are part of the daily strip md-027 or D-026(deepwoods) :

Lothar the Wrestler - part 1 issue 1 1989 md-027 Lothar the Champ

md-027 D-026 Lothar the Champ From 1941.11.10 To 1942.07.11 35 Weeks

Also please tell me what language these are in if you know. Thanks.

Friday, April 10, 2009

#135: Indrajal Comic Vol 20 No 32 The Avaricious Prince

Presenting yet another masterpiece from Ajay Mishra. Thanks to him for his time and initiative.


Download V20N32-1983-Mandrake-The Avaricious Prince.cbr

Password is AvidReader_OR_AvidStealer


#134: Indrajal Comics Vol 22 No 50 and Vol 22 No 51 The Evil Genius Parts 1 & 2

Presenting some treasures provided by the Indrajal Comcs Pioneer Ajay Mishra.

Many many thanks to him for taking the time to scan and making the scans available for the Mandrake Fan Community.

The time has come for all of us to start enjoying these treasures now and we the bloggers are all on pace to see completion of the Indrajal Comics project very soon. Exciting news for the readers I bet.

Download V22N50-1985-Mandrake-The Evil Genius Part I.cbr



Download V22N51-1985-Mandrake-The Evil Genius Part II.cbr