Tuesday, March 31, 2009

#130: Indrajal Comic Vol 25 No 36 The Captive Sleuths

UPDATE: The Phantom Comic Strips Blog (http://phantomcomicstrips.blogspot.com/) will no longer be updated....(Not an Apr 1 Joke) . Thanks to all who uploaded files and Mediafire for allowing bandwidth to download.

Presenting another Indrajal scan from Ajay Mishra, the story is nice and it takes the duo of captive sleuths to capture the Loan Shark. At a time, when there is a credit crunch for businesses in the current economy, such loan sharks may exist today. Beware of Unscrupulous Lending!!!! Many thanks to Ajay Mishra, once again for providing so many scans.
Quiz Time: Can Anyone Solve Question 2 on Page 30? Nice question indeed. Take a guess and let me know as well.

Download Indrajal Comic Vol 25 No 36 The Captive Sleuths

Monday, March 30, 2009

#129: S180 Rumble on the Road 17 Oct 1999 to 30 Jan 2000 16 Weeks

Good news to report. A new contributor Richard Hy has taken pains to scan the complete story that was not available to me a few weeks ago. Thanks a lot for all your efforts.
This is the same story posted in #118. Magnus will be very happy to read this story.
Here is the complete story. Enjoy.

Download S180 Rumble on the Road From 17 Oct 1999 To 30 Jan 2000

Friday, March 27, 2009

#128: Indrajal Comic Vol 25 No 7 The Innocent Victims


In Kannada I will say, Yelarigu Ugadhi habbada Subhashayagalu.
We eat Jaggery and Neem together on this auspicious day to summarize that the year be filled more with good times than the bad. I am going to a party tonight to celebrate the new year of Virodhi Samvatsara the name for this year. Let's all celebrate the new year with another indrajal comic.
Very nice Narda story from Indrajal Comics. Brought to us by the pioneer who started scanning Indrajal Comics Ajay Mishra. I am told his work is much appreciated and is a likely candidate for a VP position at Times of India....Thanks a lot again, Ajay. What would we folks who do not have access to Indrajals or Mandrake strips normally do without your contributions? I never read this story before. I am glad I started this project we are all very lucky to get and share Mandrake comic strips.

Download V25N07-1988-Mandrake-The Innocent Victims