Friday, March 27, 2009

#128: Indrajal Comic Vol 25 No 7 The Innocent Victims


In Kannada I will say, Yelarigu Ugadhi habbada Subhashayagalu.
We eat Jaggery and Neem together on this auspicious day to summarize that the year be filled more with good times than the bad. I am going to a party tonight to celebrate the new year of Virodhi Samvatsara the name for this year. Let's all celebrate the new year with another indrajal comic.
Very nice Narda story from Indrajal Comics. Brought to us by the pioneer who started scanning Indrajal Comics Ajay Mishra. I am told his work is much appreciated and is a likely candidate for a VP position at Times of India....Thanks a lot again, Ajay. What would we folks who do not have access to Indrajals or Mandrake strips normally do without your contributions? I never read this story before. I am glad I started this project we are all very lucky to get and share Mandrake comic strips.

Download V25N07-1988-Mandrake-The Innocent Victims


JP said...

Awesome! kannada greeting and I get to be the first to comment!
Perhaps the biggest names in Indian comics during the last century were - Indrajal, ACK, Phantom, Mandrake and Bahadur. But Ajay Mishra has become a living legend (Along with the other early initiators) during the first decade of this millenium, as far as the world of Indian comics is concerned. What with all the well wishes of desi comic readers, I'm sure Ajay will find success in all his endeavors. I wish him all the very best!

Thanks 'Phantom And Mandrake Fan' and Ajay, once again!

Prabhat's Books and Comics said...

May God Bless you with Peace and God Luck and Success this Ugadi and all through the year.

Bala ji & Ajay, thank you very much for this nice story!

Phantom And Mandrake Fan said...

You are Welcome, kannadadvara? Nanna hesaru Balaji. Email madi.

You are the first. I think you are absolutely right. I think Ajay Mishra had a view how Indrajal comics can be revived. I wish TOI had contacted him several years before closing the shop. We could have had the luck of seeing lot more indrajals...

PBC: Thanks so much for the wishes. I wish everyone a great time of happiness and prosperity the rest of the year and years to come.

AJAY said...

Dear friends ,
I am happy to learn that all of you are enjoying my scans , bringing back your childhood memories too .
I would happily to be in your services all the time .
It is not possible without active support of all blog owners who are regularly taking pains to post .

Thanx all of you .


INdo_MaNdrAkE said...

IT'S ONE OF THE BEST Narda-oriented stories,,like THE MYSTERIOUS CATS(Ijc 23-46) or Part-1 of HEADLESS FIGURE(24-29)etc!!

Hope evrybody has enjoyed itn..:))

PS - It has been published unedited-format in DC #14 also,,

JP said...

Hey Balaji,

Feels good to bump into a kannadiga in this manner! I sent you a message on your gmail account. Ugadi shubhashayagalu.
A happy ugadi to all comic lovers and followers of this blog!

Amith Nag said...

Ugadi subhashayagaLu Balaji avare, and thanks a lot for the comic :D

Indian said...

Ayyo Kannada dawara?? Bahala santhosha aayithu ewathu.

Nimagoo haagoo nimma kutumbadawarigella Ugadi habbada shubhashayagalu.

Nimma yella comics galanna thappade oduthideeni. Bahala bahala dhanyavadagalu nimage haagoo nimma thandakella.

Heege saaguthirali nammellara payana.

Phantom And Mandrake Fan said...

Ajay, You are very welcome. This project has been a total team effort. The incredible pace at which you scan and make the comics available is enticing all bloggers to put extra efforts in to make it available to the Indrajal fan community at a fast pace. It is hard to imagine such a dedicated set of fans coming together.

INdo_MaNdrAkE, You are absolutely correct. Thanks for the research, as always. If you do get your hands on DC 14 please scan it.

JP: Same here. Sent you a reply. Thanks for the wishes. Glad to know you. Santhosha ayathu. Nanna blogge nimage welcome.Thanks for commenting.

Amith Nag, Thanks for the wishes. Glad to know you are a kannadiga.
Santhosha ayathu. Email maadi. Nanna blogge nimage welcome.Thanks for commenting.

Indian, Howdhri, Glad to know you are a kannadiga. Thumba divasa diddanda yaaradhro kannadadvaru fans iddara e blog nodi antha wait madtha idde. Thanks for the wishes. Email maddi time adaga. Nanna blogge nimage welcome.
Thanks for commenting. Thumba chennagi hellidhara, nice to hear. Sigona amele.