Saturday, March 30, 2013

206 - The Cloud City (03-07-43_to_11-07-43

I am presenting here a better version of one of the 2 most elusive Classic Lee Falk Mandrake Sundays. I had earlier presented a version I had got from some microfilm copies. Next week I will be back with the other one.

In fact I have to thank Magnus Magnusson for the color strip in this bunch. The rest of his strips were in Swedish. It goaded me to embark on a search for the other strips. I was successful and here is the story completely available for you to enjoy in English. It is just fate that I have not been able to find the B&W strip to replace the color strip. The last page is almost like the last page of the first Mandrake daily strip. The last panel in the page could be the first panel in the next story.

No more talk.

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Saturday, March 23, 2013

#205 - Celebration of Paulo's contribution

I had posted all of Paulo's contributions, to our search for all Mandrake strips, in this blog over the last one year.

While a whole lot of you had downloaded them, some have written to me that they had not been able to download the strips. So as a matter of courtesy to all those who had not been able to download them, I am dedicating this post to all of Paulo's contributions.

The saga started with S022 - Pacifica.

Then came a slew of Daily strips from 203 culminating in 226. And here they all are in ascending order :

D203 - The Gift from 8
D206- The Other Side of Nowhere
D207 - Return of the Clay Camel...and Others
D208 - The Terrorists
D209 - Dr. Loqo's Secret Formula
D210 - The Mirror Mystery
D211 - The Book of Criminals
D212 - Narda's Dream
D213 - The Doppelganger
D214 - The Ears of the Earth
D215 - Mandrake's Sunday Walk
D216 - The Diamond Trader
D217 - The Secret Place
D218 - The Monster Thief
D219 - General Buffo - Druglord
D220 - Pursuit of the Cobra
D222 - Clay Camel and the Ganglords
D224 - Scary Aliens
D225 - Mandrake's Wedding at Cockaigne
D226 - Mandrake's Wedding at the College of Magic

Enjoy all these gems in one place and shower all your thanks on Paulo.
All strips after D226 can be enjoyed in Lothar's great Mandrake blog.

Will start with a new bunch of strips starting next week.

Till then,

Saturday, March 16, 2013

#204 - D218_TheMonsterThief_(01-09-95_to_03-25-95).cbr

We have seen a few stories from Lee Falk involving Mandrake that involve the ego of the villain and how that leads to the capture of the villain. This is a similar story that involves a villain called Foxy. You might be reminded of yet another old and great villain who also carried a 4 letter name.

Read on and express your thanks to Paulo.

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Saturday, March 9, 2013

#203 - D217_TheSecretPlace_(08-22-94_to_01-07-95).cbr

Almost a prophetic version of what dilemma the UN Security Council is today  facing related to the nuclear dreams of some nations. Of course, it goes without saying that the real UN does not have the services of Mandrake.

This is again a contribution of Paulo. All credits and thanks are due to him

Download the story here and enjoy.


Friday, March 1, 2013

202 - S016_TheFlamePearls-III_TheThreeCows_(08-18-40_to_10-06-40)

You will recall that a year ago Balaji had posted a mega post, in which all the 8 stories of the Flame Pearl series was posted. The stories had been collected from various sources and so you had color strips, B/W strips, clear strips and faded strips.

The first two stories in color have been posted by Lothar in his magnificent Mandrake archives blog. I am posting the third story here in color. Lothar has a Hi-Res B/W version of this strip in his blog.

For those of you who are familiar with Big Little Books (BLB), the full Flame Pearls story appeared in one of those books. The picture in the cover came from one of the panels in this story.

Download the story here and enjoy