Thursday, February 24, 2011

#175: D003 The Monster of Tanov Pass From 25 Feb 1935 To 15 Jun 1935

Posting after a while. One more Daily that has a weird professor keeping monsters as pets.

Nice imaginative story here.

Thanks to the Australian Women's weekly archives for having this story published and made available. Thanks to Venkit Subramanian for extracting the scans from the PDFs and cleaning them.

This particular strip shows how brave Lothar is, I would guess nobody would like to be in his situation facing a monster snake.

The scans are much more readable...As always, liked the drawings of Phil Davis. Enjoy.

On another note, regarding World Cup Cricket 2011, this coming weekend India plays England at Bangalore, how do you see India's chances at winning the game? Are you all watching cricket on a daily basis or only following particular teams?

Download Strip Here

Download PDFs Here

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Lee Falk the Story Teller a very good article

Found an excellent article on Phantom and Mandrake and wanted to share with you all.

Really well written and what a good blog this one is.

Enjoy reading....