Saturday, May 24, 2008

#108: S095: The Mole From 16 Aug 1964 to 14 Mar 1965

Since getting my gmail and blogger back, I have come up with a password that is highly cryptic and I will keep changing it often so I won't get screwed again by anyone! I am still flaming as I lost most of my emails from several of my friends. Time to move on. ... (After all I am in IT Security and should have known better.)
Hectic week trying to wind up unfinished items before I head to India (Bangalore) for 4+ weeks of vacation with my family of 4. Leaving on June 2nd.
Have an interesting story here provided by Myron. Thank you very much for providing the scans so that we can all get to enjoy it. Also, just received an email from him on using a search criteria for searching Mandrake items on ebay. Was wanting to do the same as I have bought many books of Mandrake myself.
Paste the following in the search box on :
mandrake -linux -sleeve -CDs -root -bottle -pills -beta -bitters -herbs -tom -oil -memorial -edguy -hemlock -eddy -firewall -router -potter -herb -lp -stickers -pendant -smenkhkare -galoob -creeps -swamp -shade -plants -audubon -botanical -knoppix -disks -seeds -gargoyle -medical -VHS -TV -10.
This will narrow the search to more relevant items. Then bookmark the page. Name it Mandrake on eBay.
Enjoy the Story.

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Saturday, May 10, 2008

#107: D231 The Secret Mission Feb 15, 1999 to July 3, 1999

Here's a more recent daily with amazing cover creation by ComicCrazee. Has included a Ripley's page as well. Enjoy...Thanks for the compilation of scans and for the fabulous cover.

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Saturday, May 3, 2008

#106: S001:The Hidden Kingdom of Murderers 3 Feb 1935 to 26 May 1935

UPDATE: AMAR CHITRA KATHA Blog has been revived. There is a new post. Enjoy. Thanks for bringing it back to action. One of my favorite sites....
Here are some real vintage scans the First Sunday courtesy of Tom Williams from Canada(English) and Magnus from Sweden (Italian Color). Awesome scan quality. Thank you very much to you both for sharing your collections. These are very hard to get even in Libraries. Some special collection libraries won't even allow people to take any material outside of the library.
Wish I could read Italian as I have other stories that I do not have English scans of. Maybe my Aunt can. I think this is the only place on the internet where these Sunday vintage scans are available. Tell me if I am wrong. Enjoy...
Color Italian Scans:

English Scans (Missing a couple substituted with Italian)....

Download S001_TheHiddenKingdomofMurderers_English strip
Download S001_TheHiddenKingdomofMurderers_Italian strip