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#018: D063 - The Face Mystery 07-16-1951 to 09-15-1951

Here are the English version of scans for the Daily D063...

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#017: L’intégrale - tome 1: D063 The Face Mystery 1951-07-16 to 1951-09-15

Thanks to Emile again... I have this story in English and will be making it available soon.

French readers, enjoy the story. Others, enjoy the scans...

BTW, just got to know my aunt who lives in Italy is doing a fantastic job writing recipes in Italian for South Indian Food (she's from Mysore) for Italians who want to try some vegetarian food.

Here is a link to an article published in a newspaper from Bangalore...

What cool family members I have!! I just got to know her email address and will be mailing her congratulations soon.

Story 2: Fausses têtes

Original US name: The Face Mystery
Story number: D-063 (based on the Deep Woods’ Mandrake list of stories)
Start date: 1951-07-16
End date: 1951-09-15
Printed in: Spécial Mandrake #64, November 1968.
Reprint start page: file045.jpg
Reprint end page: file080.jpg

Bradley (Chief of the City Police) is talking to Mandrake about a serie of ten shop robberies that happens at the same time. Witnesses recognize the same man for the 10 robberies! How can that be: a single man doing ten robberies at the same times in ten different locations? "This is the question" says Bradley to Mandrake! The worst to say is that this guy is on a prison... Mandrake goes to the prison in the same cell as the suspect to try to get evidences. But the guy does not know. Will Mandrake resolve the mystery? Of course yes! But the real question is how?

Image 1:
Bradley: Ten shops have been robbered yesterday, at the same moment.
Mandrake: I read that in the news.

Image 2:
The two witness: It’s him!

Image 3:
The other 2 witness: It’s him!

Image 4:
Bradley: They identify the same man as the burglar!
Mandrake: But... it is impossible!

And that is not all!

Story 3 will be posted tomorrow...