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#016: L’intégrale - tome 1: D069 Out of Nowhere From 1952-07-28 to 1952-10-04

First French comic on this blog...

Here are the Mandrake scans published from Soleil Productions, the first comic published was L’intégrale - tome 1. My friend Emile Schwarz has taken pains to give a brief english translation of each of the stories published in this comic. Many thanks to Emile Schwarz from me and all Mandrake fans, visitors to this blog.

Mandrake le magicien
Soleil Productions
L’intégrale - tome 1
by Lee Falk - Phil Davis
ISBN: 9 782877 641784 [73-7135-4]

Table of Contents
1. Les voleurs de l’an 5000
2. Fausses têtes
3. Le taxi du mystère
4. L’anniversaire de Mandrake
5. L’homme qui revient du futur

Nota: This is a reprint of what “Les Éditions des Remparts, Lyon, France” originally prints in the sixties thru the end of the seventies in their more or less monthly “Spécial Mandrake” (SM). This is not a new edition, the used “plates” (colors and texts) are those originally used for the SM editions.

1. Les voleurs de l’an 5000
Original US name: Out of Nowhere
Story number: D-069 (based on the Deep Woods’ Mandrake list of stories)
Start date: 1952-07-28
End date: 1952-10-04
Printed in: Spécial Mandrake #55, March 1968.
Reprint start page: file005.jpg
Reprint end page: file045.jpg

The Police Chief (Bradley) is talking to a mysterious man about... a military stock where plutonium disappears. In the conversation, the man says “it disappears like by magic” and so the Police Chief ask Mandrake for help. Mandrake stays a whole night in the storage room and in the morning, there was missing plutonium! Mandrake decided to stay one more night in the room to understand what happens. On the night, a cage appears with two people in it: a man and a woman. They take some plutonium bars and goes away. In the morning, Mandrake makes its report, but no one would understand him. And so the following night a soldier stays in the storage room with Mandrake (both are wearing a gas mask). The cage appears once more and Mandrake ring the alarm light; the soldiers enters the room and get the man while Mandrake try to hold the woman who is in the cage. The door closed automatically and Mandrake is going to the year 5,000!
Image 1:
Bradley: This is the most interesting story I ever heard. I do not know what to do.
Man with glasses: Me too. Our men stay stoned, like you.

Image 2:
Man with glasses: Unless all our efforts, our storage bin have a visit everyday, just like magic!
Bradley: Magic? Wait a little bit, one of my friends is the King of Magic and...

Image 3:
Bradley: He helped me often in mystery cases. Its name is Mandrake.
Man with glasses: I heard about him. Why don’t we ask him to examine the thing?

Image 4:
Bradley: What happens Chief?
Man with glasses: I cannot tell you yet, Mandrake. This is a secret matter, but strange things happens... and inexplicable too!

Story 2 will be posted tomorrow...


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somu said...

superb comic.... thnx 4 the tranlation (though i understand French ,a little....but not much comfortable)

And must say,the scan QUALITY is really good!!


Sheril said...

Hi mandrake and phantom phan:
here's Sheril.I like ur blog very much.

Though I'm a big fan of super-man,Phantom(also a Lee Falk creation,u shud know) n spider-man...never see any blog for this comic strips,like this mandrake also.

nice work...any plan 4 Super-man/Phantom strips,like these very much,also Rip kirby (read in some strips and it's cool!)is ok.

If ya ever plan 4 Super-man/cat woman blogs just call me... i've a huge collection of them,with a few spider-man also.

Sheril said...
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Sheril said...

sorry 4 wrong info: do drop mail at 'sheril_google'(gmail)

Phantom And Mandrake Fan said...

@Somu: Thanks goes to the scanner, somebody scanned these pages, I just happened to find them and post them. Emile took lot of time to create the translations despite her busy schedule.

@Sheril: Welcome to the blog. Thanks for the visit. I did not find any blogs dedicated to Mandrake, so went about creating one. Luckily, I have enough scans to keep fans and visitors happy.
My friends have created blogs that predominantly have Phantom scans.
Rip Kirby I have a few myself.
Phantom scans I have all the dailies and sundays scans. The links to the blogs are available and my friends are actively managing these. No plans yet for other super heroes right now, will let U know.

Colonel Worobu said...

Hello Sheril,

For Superman/Batman/Spiderman comics, you can get them here:

Anonymous said...

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