Friday, July 13, 2007

#008: Mandrake The Magician DELL classic comic #752

UPDATE: A friend of mine Ciro, an artist sent me a picture and I would like to share with you all. This is some excellent work and I am honored. Thanks Ciro.

Liked reading color strips and wanted to present a classic that has a complete story.
Here are the scans of 2 complete stories. This is every Mandrake fan's must have issue.
I will get back to bringing more Magic comics as they are currently available, found some have only 4 or 5 pages of Mandrake in the whole comic. Also, I don't have the continuation part of the story which makes it incomplete.

I have gotten hold of some French and Italian Mandrake collection that some fans would love to read them here. Since, I don't understand them I will ask for a minimal translation from fans who can read them. Hope you will appreciate the scans and this will not cause an inconvenience to English readers. Please email me a brief translation of the story or better yet if you can provide me the english scans that will be appreciated.

I have also started putting some good links of other sites I visit often. Hope you will find them useful.

Download Comic Here


Indrajal Comics Club said...

keep it up bala, we want more from you!!!!

Colonel Worobu said...

Yes! Please keep up the good work!

The Comic Project said...

How come ciro doesn't send me anything any more :-(