Saturday, May 23, 2015

#299 - The first of the 3 Mandrake-Narda Weddings

Some of us have a chance to marry more than once and usually they are all to different spouses unless they are Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor.

Here I am presenting the first of 3 weddings between Mandrake and Narda. These were collected and sent to me by Emile.

Download the story here and shower your thanks on Emile.



Monday, May 11, 2015

#298 - A Mandrake Sunday comic that discusses hacking of computers in cars!!

Today one of the greatest fears of any intelligence agency in the world is whether the on-board computers in aircraft can be hacked by terrorist groups leading to mass-murder of innocents. In this Mandrake story that appeared just under a year after Lee Falk's death, the just departed Harold "Fred" Fredericks scripted and drew this story, where the on-board computers in cars are hacked.

Not sure where I got these scans from, but thanks are due to the original scanner. These were small scans (so I am sure that these were not from Magnus) and I blew them up and cropped them a bit.

Today is incidentally my birthday and I take this opportunity to thank all of the friends who have taken their time to wish me on my Facebook page.

Download the story over here.