Tuesday, April 29, 2008

#105: D107 The Thief (The Time Traveller) 13 Jun 1960 to 3 Sep 1960

Myron has provided a very nice hi res scan of Mandrake, Narda & Lothar. Don't know which story this is part of.

Download the image Here

Posting a request from a friend. Thanks a lot to Myron for providing these scans. Enjoyed the story. Stay tuned, lots more coming. What has happened to indrajal blogs? Nobody's been updating them. Also, I wanted to know how often do you all visit this blog.

Download Strip Here

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

#104: Sundays S083 & S084

Surprise Post !! Don't think anybody would be expecting me to post so soon...
Just read a few stories and wanted to make them available to you all...Thanks a lot to Myron, who has been very generous to the Mandrake blog.
Here is the shortest Sunday S083 The Radio Telescope I have come across. The following Sunday S084 The Water Pirates was very fascinating and enjoyed reading these. Enjoy...

S083: The Radio Telescope: 31 Jul 1960 to 7 Aug 1960

S084 The Water Pirates: 14 Aug 1960 to 4 Dec 1960

Download Sunday Strip S083
Download Sunday Strip S084

Monday, April 21, 2008

#103: D110 Mystery of the Bikini Girl 6th March 1961 to 13th May 1961

Been out of town, not had enough time, it is great to hear that TCP is back.... Here's another daily from Myron. Thanks for sharing your scans. He has an awesome website. This is one of those rare stories where Mandrake does not use any hypnosis tricks and is in for a surprise!!
Nice plot to fool the magician.

Download Strip Here

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

#102: D042 The Brass Monkey Dec 16th, 1946 to March 22, 1947

UPDATE: Comicrazee has provided me a new cover page for this story.
Thanks a lot and appreciate the quick turn around. Amazing work indeed....

Here is a very good daily, thanks to Tom Williams and Myron for providing me the scans.
Apparently no one got all the answers to the puzzle. Am posting the answers provided by Comic crazy. Got an opportunity to talk to him. Had a great time.
Mandrake and the Chief are baffled...interesting story enjoy

Here are the answers:

Download Strip Here