Friday, May 16, 2014

#286 - S173_TheSwarm_(01-14-96_to_08-18-96)

I am presenting here a Sunday strip story of some extra-terrestrial swarm of animals that eat anyone or anything in their path.

Check out Mr.Bill Clinton who appears as himself in panel number 30. Download the story here.

While on this subject, this story is similar to another Sunday strip story S114 which appeared in 1971 called the Space Pack, which was posted earlier in this blog itself.

As you can see I had to resort to various sources to get the complete story. I have to thank Magnus Magnusson for the color strips.


Oh and one other thing, I also had the good fortune to gain the acquaintance of a Spanish Mandrake fan who goes under the name of fereugeen, who has been in his own unique and excellent way been providing daily and Sunday strips. Do go and have a look at this forum -

He also has a blog -