Saturday, December 14, 2013

#275 - S168_ThePrisonBreak_(08-09-92_to_01-24-93)

This is an interesting story of a jailbreak and hostage situation involving school kids. Part of it is in color (thanks Magnus Magnusson) and part of it in B/W.

I am providing only the MF link. So download this comic from here. The RS links are not very popular.

Thanks once again to Magnus, for the color strips.


P.S. I am working on the 60 week Sunday story of Mandrake's marriage to Narda, which I am planning to have as the first post of 2014.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

#274 - D068_Cleopatra'sTreasure_(04-14-52_to_07-26-52)

This is an old classic, in book format. This was sent to me by my good friend Ajay Mishra. Most visitors are familiar with him, if they are fans of Indian comic books. He is one of the pioneers of scanning Indrajal Comics. I still fondly remember those heady days of 2006 thru 2008, when a few of us worked hard to put all 803 Indrajal comics online.

Download RS version here

Download MF version here

Thank you Ajay, for this one as also the numerous other comics you have been sharing with all of us via your blog. 



Friday, November 15, 2013

#273 - S167_Capt.CC'sCrazyCircus_(04-26-92_to_08-02-92)

Like the name suggests this is one crazy circus and one small story. Not sure if this has been posted in any blog before. If yes, I crave forgiveness.

Download MF version here

Download RS version here

I have to thank Magnus Magnusson for the strips.



Friday, November 1, 2013

#272 - S165_TheSnarffOfKarff_(12-23-90_to_10-13-91)

This was the first strip after the various adventures on the ship SS Kraken. American pop culture loves one thing - make any Republican President look like a fool. Falk & Fred do that to the elder Bush in this story.

Sunday is Deepavali. Here is a good write-up on Deepavali in one of the most liberal blogs in America - The Huffington Post. 


Download RS version here

Download MF version here

The Color strips are courtesy Magnus Magnusson.



Friday, October 11, 2013

#271 - All the Kraken episodes - A Navarathti & Vijayadashami presentation

The word Navarathri literally means nine nights in Sanskritnava meaning nine and rathri meaning nights. During these nine nights and ten days, various forms of the Goddess Devi are worshiped. The tenth day is commonly referred to as Vijayadashami. Navarathri is a very important and major festival and is celebrated with great zeal by Hindus all over the world.

In the Indian state of Kerala (where I hail from), the last two days of Navarathri - Ashtami (eighth), Navami (ninth), and VijayaDashami are celebrated as Saraswathi Pooja in which books are worshiped. (Saraswathi is the Goddess of learning.). The books are placed for Pooja on the Ashtami day in own houses, traditional nursery schools, or in temples. On VijayaDashami day, the books are ceremoniously taken out for reading and writing after worshiping Saraswathi. That day is considered auspicious for initiating the children into writing and reading, which is called Vidyarambham (start of education). Tens of thousands of children are initiated into the world of letters on this day in Kerala.

The area where I am in the USA does not have a lot of Hindus and we would have to go to Fremont or Sunnyvale to celebrate Navarathri. So I felt that I could celebrate Navarathri by putting all the 09 strips related to the Kraken series in one mega post.


Let us start right at the beginning - S156_TheKraken_(11-23-1986_to_07-12-1987). Mandrake, Narda, Lothar and Karma just plan on having lunch with Capt.Jon, an explorer friend of Mandrake and the owner of the yacht the "Kraken". An ordinary lunch turns into a journey extra-ordinaire.

Download MF version here.                                  Download RS version here

In the second story - S157_TheFloatingIsland_(07-19-87_to_03-27-88) - the group comes upon an island pulled by trained Orcas! They also encounter a ship of dead people who turn into no-so-dead pirates. Never understood why these two very diverse stories are clubbed together.

Download MF version                                          Download RS version

In the third story - S158_TheYoungPrince_(04-03-88_to_06-12-88) - we see a ten and a half year old kid smitten by Narda. Who wouldn't be, if the first sight one sees via the binoculars, is a bikini-clad Narda!! How Narda and the team make it back to the ship is what this story is all about.

Download MF version                                             Download RS version

In the fourth story - S159_TabooIsle_(06-19-88_to_11-06-88) - Mandrake and Lothar investigate and then escape from an island that has a family of Rocs.

Download MF version                                                   Download RS version

In the fifth story - S160_SingingRocks_(11-13-88_to_04-02-89) -we see the team handle a group of thieves who use mannequins of mermaids to lure sailors.

Download MF version                                                      Download RS version

In the sixth story - S161_TheSportOfMagicians_(04-09-89_to_08-27-89) - we see the girls being harassed by some bullies and also how the bullies got beaten by our heroes, first by illusion and then by sheer muscle.

Download MF version                                                         Download RS version

In the seventh story - S162_TheDolphins_(09-03-89_to_01-14-90) - the team and the readers get a lecture on ecology and saving the environment.

Download MF version                                                           Download RS version

In the eighth story - S163_IsleDesFleursEtMorte_(01-21-90_to_06-24-90) - Mandrake and the girls get caught in an island with flowers that cause people to lose consciousness. Lothar then rescues all of them. Check out the way he lifts all the 3 of them.

Download MF version                                                              Download RS version

In the ninth story - S164_DangersInTheJungle_(07-01-90_to_12-16-90) - the team has adventures in Africa, somewhere near to Lothar's tribe. We also have Lothar being chased by his dead uncle's widows much to Karma's consternation.We along with the team, breathe a sigh of relief, when we see the team back on the ship.

Download MF version                                                                 Download RS version

Thanks to Magnus Magnusson, for the color strips.


Sunday, September 29, 2013

#270 - D165_TheMysteriousChief_(09-20-76_to_12-11-76)

Just because I try to post a comic in this blog every week, some people are under the impression that this is my day job. Well I do have a day job, which is not this one, and always takes up a majority of my time, including weekends at times. So there may be instances, which will be on the rise for the near future, when I will not be able to post comic strips every week.

This story that I am posting today, is also based on someone's real day job and his perceived one - Hojo's. His day job was not being Mandrake's chef extra-ordinaire. It was something else. For regular subscribers like me, in those days, it did come as a surprise, when the revelation happened. See the story "The Thieves" posted a few weeks ago in this blog for a panel that shows a bit of contradiction.

The strips are courtesy my Australian friend, Donald Ladhams, who has been very active trying to get us daily strips from Australian newspapers. Paulo Marques, who is not an unfamiliar Mandrake fan extracted them from the PDFs and created the cbz file. I blew up the strips' size and tried a few edits. There are about 5 or 6 strips which have black smudges and one strip that got very white (Guess that is why they call it Black and White). Otherwise the strips are fine.

If there is a way anyone can clean these using PS, it is most welcome. Till then enjoy these strips.

Download RS version here

Download MF version here



Saturday, September 14, 2013

#269 - S028_TheSantaClausPirate_(09-03-1944_to_12-03-1944)

While at work with the next story in the Kraken series, I received this story from the one and only Magnus Magnusson. This is a story, which is already available with a lot of us, albeit Black and White. Who can pass up a color version of a Mandrake story?

Download RS version here:

Download MF version here:

Magnus had scanned this and I just cropped off the unnecessary portions and sharpened the dialogues. So enjoy the story and offer your thanks to Magnus Magnusson.

Please visit Lothar's blog to download the B/W version.



Friday, September 6, 2013

#268 - S156_TheKraken_(11-23-1986_to_07-12-1987)

Well this was the first episode in the Kraken series. There are many  mixed versions available  in the Net of this story, but here I am posting the complete story with all panels in Black and White. This story was reprinted in IJC as the first story in V25N14 & V25N15 in 1988 called "The Undersea Killer Monster".

Usually, I put the first panel as the tease picture, but this time I am deviating and the reason is quite obvious.

What could be more wonderful than seeing Narda reclining in all her splendor!

Download RS Version here

Download MF Version here

I also had a full color "complete" version of this. But when I compared that with the above version, I did see that the panels were not complete. I am putting out the above panel in the color version for your enjoyment. Hee, hee. Now you get to see Narda in color, in the same pose!

Of course it goes without saying that a major part of the color strips in this collection came from Magnus Magnusson.

Download Color Strip here:



Sunday, September 1, 2013

#267 - S164_DangersInTheJungle_(07-01-90_to_12-16-90)

Well, all adventures have to come to an end and this was the last story in the Kraken series. As the name suggests, this story takes place in the jungle and that too in the locality of Lothar's former tribe.

The color strips are courtesy, Magnus Magnusson, one of the greatest Mandrake fans ever. All I did was complete the story in English, replacing the Swedish strips.

Download RS version here

Download MF version here

Enjoy and shower your thanks on Magnus

Friday, August 23, 2013

#266 - S162_TheDolphins_(09-03-89_to_01-14-90)

Pop culture in America (probably the world around) has, in the name of liberalism, often been in the forefront of shining light on controversial subjects, to a great extent. One such topic is environment awareness, which started off as a movement to educate people about the effects of man's action on the environment. It has now deteriorated into eco-terrorism and a whole new false religion called "Climate Change".

We see in this story, Lee Falk having some dolphins lecture Mandrake and friends on the ill-effects of oil spillage into the oceans, just 6 months after one of the biggest environmental disasters in history - The Exxon Valdez incident of March 24, 1989.

This story has a special place in my heart. It was the sharing of the Italian language version of this story, that helped me become friends with one of the greatest (but very silent) fans of Mandrake comics - Paulo Marques - who shared a very rare Sunday strip (The Pacifica) and a whole lot of Mandrake daily strips including the two Mandrake Wedding stories, without much ado.

Download RS version here

Download MF version here



Saturday, August 17, 2013

#265 - S161_TheSportOfMagicians_(04-09-89_to_08-27-89)

Here is a Sunday strip, part of the Kraken series that was never published in IJC. Nothing great about it as a story. A rehash of a few of Lee Falk's earlier stories. The only change is that the protagonists are on a voyage and on land in between voyages.

Download MF version here

Download RS version here



Saturday, August 10, 2013

#264 - S007 Full color version from a Knight in Shining armor & some disheartening news

In my last post I had expressed the hope that a Knight in shining armor, would come forth with a full color version of the S007 (The Treasure Hunt) strip. And sure enough, a full color version has been provided to us by none other than Magnus Magnusson. How does one thank a person who has been so selflessly sharing whatever Mandrake strips he has been able to get from various sources. There are obviously no words that can express the gratitude.

Thank you, Magnus, once again.

Download RS version here

Download MF version here

I would also like to bring to all of you the address of  a publishing house in Norway, which has been publishing 3 full color Sunday stories in a single book, since 2005. The cost comes to about USD 60.00 per book.
Thule Forlag AS
PO Box 4006
N-2306 HAMAR

Now to the disheartening news:
It is now official. The other day King Features came out with the news that Fred Fredericks has officially retired at the end of July and they would be resorting to regular reprints of strips starting from September 2nd, 2013, much like Flash Gordon. There have been a lot of comments in Daily Ink after that notification calling upon King Features to create a new team and continue the Mandrake strip. Hopefully the "powers that be" in KFS will listen and create a new team that can come out with good stories and art. Thanks to Fredericks for having imparted joy to a lot of people even after the demise of Lee Falk.

Saturday, August 3, 2013

#263 - S160_Singing Rocks_(11-13-88_to_04-02-89)

I had planned to post the Kraken series in chronological order, but took a detour to post S177, in response to a request by Magnus.

Here I am  with the next instalment of the Kraken series, which also happened to be the last installment of the series published by Indrajal Comics. This was published as Vol 26 No 36 in 1989 as The Mystery Of The Singing Rocks. Only two more Mandrake stories appeared till the whole venture wound up and they were reprints of Daily strips 201 & 202.

Download RS Link here

Download MF link here



P.S. There are just 22 more stories and we will have all Mandrake Sunday strips online between this blog and Lothar's blog. I have been able to get 21 of them complete in B/W from various sources. S007 is the one strip that I have kept to the last, as I am looking for better versions of certain panels. Maybe a knight in shining armor will give us a full color version in English?

Saturday, July 27, 2013

#262 - D164_Narda And The Sheik_(06-21-76_to_09-18-76)

Here is yet another Mandrake newspaper strip handled by the Dynamic Duo - sent to me by my Australian friend Donald Ladhams, with Paulo Marques, helping me with extracting from the PDF files and editing of the strips. There were a few missing strips and Paulo was able to get those.  I just increased the size of the individual files. We have not done extensive cleaning. So you will be still seeing some dark lines and black spots. 

For IJC lovers, this came out as #281 The Sea of Horrors.

Download RS version here:

Download MF version here:

Balaji had posted a Tempo Books version of this story in this blog quite a while back. You can download that version over here and here.

Enjoy the story and post your thanks to Don & Paulo.


Sunday, July 21, 2013

#261 - S177_TheCloud_(11-29-98_to_04-11-99)

Magnus Magnusson, is a name not unfamiliar to Mandrake comic strip fans all over the world. Most of the color Sunday strips available with most of us were procured by this one man. I had the privilege of becoming one of his e-mail friends when I started sharing English versions of the Swedish strips that he had shared with all of us freely.

This was one of the strips Magnus had been looking for and so I dedicate this strip to one of the greatest fans and collectors of Mandrake strips on this earth - the one and only Magnus Magnusson!!

BTW, this was one of the 4 daily strips that were edited and published as Sunday strips during the 1997-99 time-frame. So I thought it would be interesting to post the first strip of the corresponding daily strip here.

For IJC lovers this came out as V22 N41 TheStrangeCloudShip.

Download RS version here

Download MF version here

Thank you Magnus, for all the wonderful strips that you have shared with us all these years. This is but a small token of my gratitude for all that.



Friday, July 12, 2013

#260 - S159_TabooIsle_(06-19-88_to_11-06-88)

I had earlier posted S157 & S158. I am posting here the next one in the list. For IJC fans, S158 & S159 came as part of the first stories in IJC  V26N21 & V26N22.

Download RS version here

Download MF version here



Saturday, June 29, 2013

#259 - S157_The Floating Island_(07-19-87_to_03-27-88)

I am presenting here the second part of the Kraken series called "The Floating Island". Not sure if it should have been split into 2 stories. For IJC lovers, this was published in 2 parts Vol 25 Nos 44 & 45 in 1988.

The colored strips are all courtesy Magnus Magnusson.The B/W strips were got by me from various sources, as evidenced by their different shapes and resolutions.

Download RS version here:

Download MF version here:



Saturday, June 22, 2013

258 - D163_TheEvilTwin_(02-16-76_to_06-19-76)

This is yet another Mandrake newspaper strip sent to me by my Australian friend Donald Ladhams, with another familiar Mandrake fan Paulo Marques, helping me with extracting and editing of the strips. There were a few missing strips and Paulo was able to get those.  I just increased the size of the individual files. We have not done extensive edits. So you will be still seeing some dark lines and black spots. 

There is a Tempo Books version of this story available on the Net and it was posted by Balaji, owner of this blog, quite a while ago.

You will notice that this is one of the very few story telling sessions in Xanadu, where Narda does not wear a bikini. To make up for that, Jill wears one.
For IJC lovers, this story came as 294 - The Satan's Man in 1978

Download RS version

Download MF version

All gratitude to be expressed to Don and Paulo.



Saturday, June 15, 2013

#257 - S158_TheYoungPrince_(04-03-88_to_06-12-88)

There have been some stories of Mandrake that appeared as a series. One of the first and long series was the Flame Pearl Series, which ran from 04-21-1940 thru 04-12-1942, nearly for two years. With help of some friends, the whole series was presented in this blog a while ago.

A shorter series ran from 04-11-1948 thru 11-04-1948. There were just 3 stories and it was the City Of Jewels.

Another series which captured the imagination later down the years and was similar to "The Flame Pearls" in that the adventures all happen during the course of journey on a ship, was "The Kraken".

The following were the stories in this series :


 I have been able to get all strips for all these stories except the last 2 strips in S157. If any reader has these strips, please send them across to me. The first story is available in many forms on the Net. I do not have the second story complete as I mentioned earlier. So hear is the third story.

Download RS version here

Download MF version here

For IJC lovers, this story was the first part of the first story in "The Dreaded Island" (IJC Vol 26 No 21) published in  1989.


Saturday, June 8, 2013

#256 - D162_TheFrameUp_(11-17-75_to_02-14-76

This is yet another daily strip that, that I hope, has never been presented before completely in English. For Indrajal Comics fans This was printed as No 290 in 1977 as "The Trickster", with quite a few edits. 

This was again sent to me by my Australian friend Donald Ladhams, with another familiar Mandrake fan Paulo Marques, helping me with extracting and editing of the strips. I just increased the size of the individual files. We have not done extensive edits. So you will be still seeing some dark lines and black spots. 

Download RS version from here

Download MF version from here

Enjoy the story,


Saturday, June 1, 2013

#255 - Mandrake Sunday strips - S122 & S123

These are two short Mandrake stories sometimes treated as one story. Since I follow the numbering system followed by and Lothar, I am posting these as  separate stories. For Indrajal Comics fans, S122 and S123 were combined as one story - IJC_236-1975_Mandrake_TheToweringColossus.

Download RS version of S122_Fun With Mandrake_(08-12-73 to 10-21-73).cbr here.

Download MF version of S122_Fun With Mandrake_(08-12-73 to 10-21-73).cbr here.

Download RS version of S123_TheBankRobbery_(10-28-1973_to_02-03-1974).cbr here.

Download MF version of S123_TheBankRobbery_(10-28-1973_to_02-03-1974).cbr here.

The color strips are courtesy Magnus Magnusson. So all thanks are owed to him.

Not sure if these strips were posted earlier in any blog. If they were, I crave forgiveness.



Saturday, May 18, 2013

#254 - D161_Super Shark_(08-18-75_to_11-15-75)

This is yet another daily strip that has never been presented before completely in English. For Indrajal Comics fans This was printed as No 274 in 1977 as "The Haunted Beach", with a few edits.


This was also sent to me by my Australian friend Donald LadhamsAnother familiar Mandrake fan Paulo Marques, helped me with editing and was also instrumental in getting some missing strips. I just increased the size of the individual files. We have not done extensive edits. So you will be still seeing some dark lines and black spots. 

Download RS version from here

Download MF version from here

Enjoy the story,


Sunday, May 12, 2013

253 - S151_TheEvilStar_(09-11-83_to_01-29-84)

An incomplete version of this story is available on the Net. But now the story is complete.

The color strips are of course courtesy Magnus Magnusson, one of the greatest collectors of Mandrake strips. I was able to replace the non-English strips albeit B&W.

Download RS strip from here.

Download MF strip from here.



Saturday, May 4, 2013

252 - D160_TheThieves_(01-20-75_to_08-16-75)

I am posting here a daily strip that has never been presented before completely in English. I had earlier presented D158 & 159 in this blog, which was printed as one story by Indrajal Comics in 1976 as No 253 (The Nightmares). Indrajal Comics subsequently printed D161 & D164 in 1977 before coming around to this story.

But they did not print the full story. The first part of the story is very important, as it casts some doubt on the subsequent revelation of the person behind the robot in Inter-Intel. Part of this story came as No.286 (The Magic Mantle)  in Indrajal Comics in 1977.

Now to the pertinent scenes.Here is the 9th panel in the story:

What we see here is Mandrake and the robot speaking with one another and Mandrake even lighting a cigar for the Chief!

Now take a look at the very next panel in the story:

Here we see Hojo, Narda and Karma under the watchful eyes of the thieves. Take a look at Hojo's hands. They are tied behind his back!

A very interesting story indeed! This story was sent to me by my Australian friend Donald Ladhams. The whole story was taken from microfilm of one of Australia's leading newspapers. They were sent to me as small PDFs and JPGs of the full sheet containing various comic strips. So I increased the size to 250% and then snipped the Mandrake strip using SnipIt. I saved the strip as JPG and then did minimal edits. I have not done extensive edits. So you will be still seeing some dark lines and black spots. Another familiar Mandrake fan Paulo Marques, helped me with editing and was also instrumental in getting one missing strip.

Enjoy the story.

Download MF version here

Download RS version here


Saturday, April 27, 2013

251 - S150 Mandrake and The Cloud Men (02-27-83_to_09-04-83)

Lee Falk seems to have a great fascination for the clouds. I just posted a classic one called Cloud City not so long ago.

For the IJC lovers this was published as Vol 22 No 02 in 1985 as Mandrake and the Visitors from the Sky.

Not sure if this was posted in any other blog. If it has been, then I crave forgiveness. The strips are courtesy Magnus Magnusson. So enjoy and offer thanks to him.

Download RS version here

Download MF version here


Venkitachalam Subramanian

Sunday, April 21, 2013

250 - Mandrake and gang play spoilsport on what could be a feminist's dream island!!

This is my first post in my second year of substituting for Balaji in this blog. In the mega blog related to the Flame Pearls, we had posted this strip collected from various sources. Here I have the full strip in color (well except one).

Download the RS version here

Download the MF version here

My trusted Win 7 computer crashed and I had to buy a Win 8 computer. I have spent the last two days getting most of my programs re-installed. I have yet  to get back my settings for programs.

So please let me know if you encounter any issues.



On a statistical note, this is actually the 250th post in this blog. Don't know what happened with the numbering. So I have corrected the numbering starting from this post.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

208. Wow! A year has flown by and another Vishu comes in.

Today marks a year after I started substituting for Balaji and keeping this blog alive with quite a few unseen Mandrake Sunday and Daily strips.

Hopefully I have been able to keep you guys entertained.

We have come around to yet another Vishu. The New Year day for many parts of South and South East Asia. A holiday where you stuff yourself and then lounge yourself in bed or near a pool if you can afford a house with one.

What if an ill-mannered lout lands his helicopter near by and wants to buy your house? If it were my present condo, I would take up his offer without a blink. But what if the house was Xanadu and the people sitting near the pool were ...

Download RS version here

Download MF link here

Who can tell this tale better than me? Lee Falk of course !! So I leave it to him to tell the tale in his own inimitable style. I have to thank Magnus Magnusson for the color strips. I was able to hunt for replacements for the non-English strips.

Wishing you all a very Happy and Prosperous Vishu!!!



Saturday, April 6, 2013

207 - S025_GloriaGolden_(11-14-43_to_01-23-44)

Here is the second one in the 2 most elusive Sunday strips of Mandrake. I had earlier shared a darker version of this strip. Here is a cleaner version.

This also started off with one color strip from Magnus Magnusson. I have been able to get all the other strips.

This is a very short story - just 11 strips.

Download RS version here

Download MF version here



Saturday, March 30, 2013

206 - The Cloud City (03-07-43_to_11-07-43

I am presenting here a better version of one of the 2 most elusive Classic Lee Falk Mandrake Sundays. I had earlier presented a version I had got from some microfilm copies. Next week I will be back with the other one.

In fact I have to thank Magnus Magnusson for the color strip in this bunch. The rest of his strips were in Swedish. It goaded me to embark on a search for the other strips. I was successful and here is the story completely available for you to enjoy in English. It is just fate that I have not been able to find the B&W strip to replace the color strip. The last page is almost like the last page of the first Mandrake daily strip. The last panel in the page could be the first panel in the next story.

No more talk.

Downloaded Rapidshare link

Download MediaFire link



Saturday, March 23, 2013

#205 - Celebration of Paulo's contribution

I had posted all of Paulo's contributions, to our search for all Mandrake strips, in this blog over the last one year.

While a whole lot of you had downloaded them, some have written to me that they had not been able to download the strips. So as a matter of courtesy to all those who had not been able to download them, I am dedicating this post to all of Paulo's contributions.

The saga started with S022 - Pacifica.

Then came a slew of Daily strips from 203 culminating in 226. And here they all are in ascending order :

D203 - The Gift from 8
D206- The Other Side of Nowhere
D207 - Return of the Clay Camel...and Others
D208 - The Terrorists
D209 - Dr. Loqo's Secret Formula
D210 - The Mirror Mystery
D211 - The Book of Criminals
D212 - Narda's Dream
D213 - The Doppelganger
D214 - The Ears of the Earth
D215 - Mandrake's Sunday Walk
D216 - The Diamond Trader
D217 - The Secret Place
D218 - The Monster Thief
D219 - General Buffo - Druglord
D220 - Pursuit of the Cobra
D222 - Clay Camel and the Ganglords
D224 - Scary Aliens
D225 - Mandrake's Wedding at Cockaigne
D226 - Mandrake's Wedding at the College of Magic

Enjoy all these gems in one place and shower all your thanks on Paulo.
All strips after D226 can be enjoyed in Lothar's great Mandrake blog.

Will start with a new bunch of strips starting next week.

Till then,

Saturday, March 16, 2013

#204 - D218_TheMonsterThief_(01-09-95_to_03-25-95).cbr

We have seen a few stories from Lee Falk involving Mandrake that involve the ego of the villain and how that leads to the capture of the villain. This is a similar story that involves a villain called Foxy. You might be reminded of yet another old and great villain who also carried a 4 letter name.

Read on and express your thanks to Paulo.

Download Mediafire link here

Download Rapidshare Link here



Saturday, March 9, 2013

#203 - D217_TheSecretPlace_(08-22-94_to_01-07-95).cbr

Almost a prophetic version of what dilemma the UN Security Council is today  facing related to the nuclear dreams of some nations. Of course, it goes without saying that the real UN does not have the services of Mandrake.

This is again a contribution of Paulo. All credits and thanks are due to him

Download the story here and enjoy.


Friday, March 1, 2013

202 - S016_TheFlamePearls-III_TheThreeCows_(08-18-40_to_10-06-40)

You will recall that a year ago Balaji had posted a mega post, in which all the 8 stories of the Flame Pearl series was posted. The stories had been collected from various sources and so you had color strips, B/W strips, clear strips and faded strips.

The first two stories in color have been posted by Lothar in his magnificent Mandrake archives blog. I am posting the third story here in color. Lothar has a Hi-Res B/W version of this strip in his blog.

For those of you who are familiar with Big Little Books (BLB), the full Flame Pearls story appeared in one of those books. The picture in the cover came from one of the panels in this story.

Download the story here and enjoy


Saturday, February 23, 2013

#201 - The Gift from 8 - Mandrake Daily strip no 203

I have waxed eloquently, so many times about Paulo's gifts of so many Mandrake strips for our enjoyment. The whole saga started with this particular daily strip. Unfortunately, we could not get the whole story from the paid archives and there were many holes. One of my very good friends from Australia came to my rescue and we were able to get the story completed. Mandrake fans in India had been able to read an edited version of this story (that too in color) in various publications of Diamond Comics. One version had been published by Dr.Ramesh Bagwani in his blog.

Enough talk. Now on to the story. What does Mandrake do when he receives a gift of 8 little boxes at 8 minutes to 8 on August 8 from  Ocho jewellery?

Click to download story

Thanks to Paulo and my Australian friend Don Ladham for putting together this story. My part in this was just culling the Mandrake story from the PDFs and then putting it into a CBR file.



Thursday, February 14, 2013

#200 - Happy Valentine's Day!!! Mandrake Weds Narda The Complete Wedding Dailies!

A very Happy Valentine's Day to you all and if you are reading this after the day's passed, I wish you all a great 2013 ahead!

Would like to celebrate today by providing you three dailies that cover the complete Mandrake and Narda wedding in one stretch. These 3 dailies were compiled together with the valuable help of Venkitachalam Subramanian, Paulo and Lothar who have been gracious to share their collections.

Many thanks to Lothar for being so dedicated in his efforts to bring us all so many Mandrake stories. That is indeed a great dream of mine to one day have all the dailies and sundays stories in my collection. I think it is just a matter of time. Given Lothar's dedication, it is going to be achieved.

I have been away for a long time and have a lot of catching up to do. While I have been away, our dearest friend Venkit has been diligently trying to collect as many strips of Mandrake he can and is keeping this blog alive for all Mandrake fans across the world. That is an incredible effort and I really don't know how to thank him for all the strips he is able to collect and share with us.

We don't come across such dedicated fans and it is a privilege for me to know him. Thanks a lot again.

Here are the Dailies:

225Mandrake's Wedding at Cockaigne27 Jan 19972 Aug 199727
226Mandrake's Wedding at the College of Magic4 Aug 199724 Jan 199825

228Mandrake's Wedding at Xanadu6 Apr 199812 Sep 199823

Enjoy the Mega Post!
Had been waiting for a great occasion to post all these together as one post so readers could access them in one page. - D228