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#034: L’intégrale - tome 2 - S059 Mandrake Plays Cupid Oct 04 1953 to Nov 22nd 1953

Here is the 2nd story ...

2. Le chanteur timide
Original US name: Mandrake Plays Cupid
Story number: S059 [1]
Start date: 1953-10-04
End date: 1953-11-22
Printed in: Special Mandrake

Reprint start page: file049.jpg (page 233)
Reprint end page: file056.jpg (page 240)

Mandrake is doing a show and one of the other artists - Ted, a singer - is in love with another stage artist named Marylin. Unfortunately, Ted is shy and the regisseur (Mr. Grant) also want to be with Marilyn. Because Ted saved MandrakeÕs life, our hero will help him.

1953-10-04: the first strip of this story.
While he wait behind the scene, Mandrake is watching the other artists.
Image 1:
Mandrake: How this young artists is shy! ThatÕs more than one hour that he is tryhing to talk to that young lady!
Image 2:
Ted: Hi... Marylin.. I would...
Mr. Grant: Ted, your turn soon. Try to sing fine this time!
Image 3:
Mandrake: At the moment he decide to talk, this Mr. Grant stop him!
Mr. Grant: Mandrake, on stage!
Image 4:
Mandrake: ItÕs not hard if you find an elephant who like to fly!
Image 5:
Ted: How does he do that?
Theater worker: No way. He will not tells you... But he is very good.
But when Mandrake quits the stage, a large bag falls suddenly...
Image 6:
Ted saw the danger and push abruptly Mandrake...
Image 7:
Theater worker: Wao! The bag falls! What a luck...
Ted: Beware!
Mandrake: What?
Image 8:
Mandrake: You saved my life. How can I reward you?
Ted: DonÕt think about that. After all, I was able to do one good thing. By the way... itÕs time for me to go on stage!

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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

#033: L’intégrale - tome 2 - D048 Queen Ebony Jul 19 1948 to Oct 2nd 1948

Been busy at the new job, so far so good, looks like I have some time to prepare myself for the new challenges, going through some vendor training of the application. Lots of stuff to pick up. Let's see

Second French comic in this blog....Thanks again to Emile Schwarz for a brief translation.

Mandrake le magicien
Soleil Productions
L'intgrale - tome 2
by Lee Falk - Phil Davis
ISBN: 9 782877 641821
3 septembre 1995 (September 3rd, 1995)
180 color pages with a hard cover
Out of print

Table of Contents
1. La reine d'ebene
2. Le chanteur timide
3. La tombe qui s'ouvre
4. Hold-up ö la banque
5. LÕenfer blanc
6. Danger public - premiere partie
Nota: This is a reprint of what ÒLes Äditions des Remparts, Avenue des Remparts dÕAinay, Lyon, FranceÓ originally prints in the sixties thru the end of the seventies in their - more or less - monthly ÒSpŽcial MandrakeÓ (SM). This is not a new edition, the used ÒplatesÓ (colors and texts) are those originally used for the SM editions.

1. La reine deÕbne
Original US name: Queen Ebony
Story number: D048
Start date: 1948-07-19
End date: 1948-10-02
Printed in: Special Mandrake #60, August 1968.
Reprint start page: file005.jpg (page 189)
Reprint end page: file048.jpg (page 232)

Narda receive some women for a tea on the afternoon. One of her friend told ÒYou have a strange domestic employeeÓ and Narda says that Lothar is MandrakeÕs all hands man. While these talks, someone came through the window to talk to Lothar. Queen Ebony, unknown to Lothar, is doing things in the King Lothar tribes area. All of a sudden, they take the plane to Africa. At the airport, they asked about the Queen of E... and people told them to not say that word... Who is that Queen Ebony? Read the story to know!

1948-07-19: the first strip of this story.
Image 1:
Mandrake: It's not hard at all, Lothar!
Lothar: I see.
Narda: Mandrake, please.
Image 2:
Narda: Please, I need a little rest for my nerves after all these extraordinary adventures. I want to have a normal life, like any other women!
Image 3:
Narda: I have for a tea, this afternoon, some friends. Can you help me some Mandrake?
Mandrake: Of course, Narda!