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#020: L’intégrale - tome 1:D-062 Mandrake’s Birthday 1951-06-11 to 1951-07-14

Here is story 4: Mandrake's Birthday Daily #062. I have this in English and will make it available soon... Thanks to Emile as always for the translation and additional info.

4. L’anniversaire de Mandrake
Original US name: Mandrake’s Birthday
Story number: D-62 (based on the Deep Woods’ Mandrake list of stories)
Start date: 1951-06-11
End date: 1951-07-14
Printed in: Spécial Mandrake #62, March 1969.
Reprint start page: file113.jpg
Reprint end page: file132.jpg

Surprise: today is Mandrake birthday. Mandrake calls Bradley to ask if he can help, but without success. He is walking between all four room walls when he saw the calendar and realize: "It’s my birthday!" All of a sudden, he calls Narda, his sister Eleanor, Derek his twin brother, Bradley, Lothar without success: they all have an appointment for the evening. Mandrake is walking in the park when some guy with hiding his visage and holding a ... Ask him for a box. He disappears when a motorcycle stopped and ask Mandrake: "I hope you didn’t give him the box. Be careful they are ready to do anything to get the box." And he started and goes away. Then an old lady gave Mandrake a box and... Read the story to know what is the meaning of all of this.

Image 1:
Narda: Mandrake, stop walking. Aren’t you happy to be at home?
Mandrake: After the last adventure in the jungle. I feel everything too cool, too quiet!
Lothar: He needs to resolve some mysterious event!

Image 2:
Mandrake: Narda, call the chief to ask him if there is some police trouble to resolve...
Narda: No, I will make some shopping!

Mandrake needs some more emotions; he will get whet he want!
Image 3:
Chief: No, there is nothing of interest to you, Mandrake
Narda: It’s a shame. Too bad, Chief.

Story 5 will be posted tomorrow...

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