Saturday, January 29, 2011

#174: D002 The Hawk (Mandrake Meets Narda) From 26 Nov 1934 To 23 Feb 1935

What a story this is! Mandrake meets Narda for the first time. She does quite a lot to Mandrake which I had never known until now....well I won't give away the story.

With all the recent chaos in Egypt, it is such a coincidence that Mandrake and Lothar in the story are in Alexandria, Egypt.

Thanks to the Australian Women's weekly archives for having this story published and made available. Thanks to Venkit Subramanian for extracting the scans from the PDFs and cleaning them.

For, the first time, the story in black and white has a few colored panels. I guess, Phil Davis was experimenting how it would turn out. The black and white scans were back soon enough.

So many magic tricks in this story are very creative of Lee Falk.

Also, I had never seen Mandrake use some harsh language on Lothar before. The last panel was a little disrespectful.

The scans are barely readable, but these are the first ones I can find for this daily in English. I have the PDFs of the story if someone wants to read it that way.

Download Strip Here.

Download PDFs Here.

Missing Page in Feature Book 46 Mandrake On The Moon

Thanks to Venkit Subramanian for pointing out that I had a page missing in the story.

Here is the page.

I have updated the CBR file with this page. You can download the entire file again or add the missing page to your CBR file.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

#173: Mandrake The Magician in the Fire World

Hope you are all doing well.

Wishing you a belated Happy New Year.

Due to various reasons, was unable to post any stories for a long time.

Found some missing pages I needed to complete the scans of this feature book, most are in color just 4 of them in black and white but the story is now complete.

Three Classic Sundays are in this book with a couple of filler pages.

S008 The Lunar Trip From 27 Mar 1938 To 18 Sept 1938 26 Weeks
S010 The Haunted Range From 30 Oct 1938 To 25 Dec 1938 9 Weeks
S011 City of Gold From 5 Feb 1939 To 6 Aug 1939 27 Weeks


Download Feature Book 046 Here