Saturday, April 27, 2013

251 - S150 Mandrake and The Cloud Men (02-27-83_to_09-04-83)

Lee Falk seems to have a great fascination for the clouds. I just posted a classic one called Cloud City not so long ago.

For the IJC lovers this was published as Vol 22 No 02 in 1985 as Mandrake and the Visitors from the Sky.

Not sure if this was posted in any other blog. If it has been, then I crave forgiveness. The strips are courtesy Magnus Magnusson. So enjoy and offer thanks to him.

Download RS version here

Download MF version here


Venkitachalam Subramanian

Sunday, April 21, 2013

250 - Mandrake and gang play spoilsport on what could be a feminist's dream island!!

This is my first post in my second year of substituting for Balaji in this blog. In the mega blog related to the Flame Pearls, we had posted this strip collected from various sources. Here I have the full strip in color (well except one).

Download the RS version here

Download the MF version here

My trusted Win 7 computer crashed and I had to buy a Win 8 computer. I have spent the last two days getting most of my programs re-installed. I have yet  to get back my settings for programs.

So please let me know if you encounter any issues.



On a statistical note, this is actually the 250th post in this blog. Don't know what happened with the numbering. So I have corrected the numbering starting from this post.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

208. Wow! A year has flown by and another Vishu comes in.

Today marks a year after I started substituting for Balaji and keeping this blog alive with quite a few unseen Mandrake Sunday and Daily strips.

Hopefully I have been able to keep you guys entertained.

We have come around to yet another Vishu. The New Year day for many parts of South and South East Asia. A holiday where you stuff yourself and then lounge yourself in bed or near a pool if you can afford a house with one.

What if an ill-mannered lout lands his helicopter near by and wants to buy your house? If it were my present condo, I would take up his offer without a blink. But what if the house was Xanadu and the people sitting near the pool were ...

Download RS version here

Download MF link here

Who can tell this tale better than me? Lee Falk of course !! So I leave it to him to tell the tale in his own inimitable style. I have to thank Magnus Magnusson for the color strips. I was able to hunt for replacements for the non-English strips.

Wishing you all a very Happy and Prosperous Vishu!!!



Saturday, April 6, 2013

207 - S025_GloriaGolden_(11-14-43_to_01-23-44)

Here is the second one in the 2 most elusive Sunday strips of Mandrake. I had earlier shared a darker version of this strip. Here is a cleaner version.

This also started off with one color strip from Magnus Magnusson. I have been able to get all the other strips.

This is a very short story - just 11 strips.

Download RS version here

Download MF version here