Friday, February 29, 2008

#097:D033: The Mirror People Oct 09, 1944 to Dec 16, 1944

To celebrate this leap year, here is a Mandrake daily in Color!!!
Presenting Daily story on the Mirror People, the first of the series published in 1944 taken from the Magic Comics 120, 121 & 122 presented as "The Mystic Mirror of Evil". Enjoy. BTW, I have the complete Magic Comics 120, 121 & 122 that have other characters and will provide download links.

Download Comic Pages Here
Download Magic Comic #120 Here
Download Magic Comic #121 Here
Download Magic Comic #122 Here

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Chandu The Magician OTR files

I came across some Chandu the Magician episodes I hadn't heard before. Thought I would share it here, they are good. Enjoy...

Monday, February 25, 2008

#096: Mandrake Comic covers of Indrajal Comics

UPDATE: Ajay Mishra noticed that I had missed 2 cover scans that had Mandrake stories. Thanks for noticing it. Here are the missing scans: Update your CBR file with these. I hope you know how to do this, if not email me.

Was thinking of doing this for a long time. Here it is.
Presenting Mandrake Indrajal Comics Covers missing just one #163 The False Will. If any of you come across this one, please send me a copy of the scan. This has been a combined effort of Chandoba (ICC), CW & myself. Uploading to imageshack took a lot of time. Thanks to my friends Ajay & Vineeth, CW & ICC for providing the scans. I contributed a couple of them as well as I barely had access to Indrajal Comics. Have provided a few Hindi covers where scan quality was better than the English version. Enjoy... (better way to really enjoy is having all these stacked up on your desk with some good Coffee/Hot Chocolate and some cookies)
Only a few can get that opportunity....

Download Covers Here