Friday, February 29, 2008

#097:D033: The Mirror People Oct 09, 1944 to Dec 16, 1944

To celebrate this leap year, here is a Mandrake daily in Color!!!
Presenting Daily story on the Mirror People, the first of the series published in 1944 taken from the Magic Comics 120, 121 & 122 presented as "The Mystic Mirror of Evil". Enjoy. BTW, I have the complete Magic Comics 120, 121 & 122 that have other characters and will provide download links.

Download Comic Pages Here
Download Magic Comic #120 Here
Download Magic Comic #121 Here
Download Magic Comic #122 Here


Comic World said...

This mirror science fiction story is one of my Mandrakes favorite.The same plot was used later and was redrawn by Fredrciks along with some additional punches.
Thanks for these vintage stories.

Indrajal Comics Club said...

wow, what a post,,, thanks for this vintage strip

The Phantom Head said...

Great post. Always wanted to read the original mirror mystery. Thanks a lot.

In 1928 when Paul Dirac (noble prize winner for physics in 1933 for this) announced the possible existence of antimatter particles, the fiction writers were quick to adapt the idea into their writings. Much was written about the possiblities of another parallel world in some distant universe. Falk also got this idea and presented this classic mandrake tale.

Through the years scientists have discovered/created antimatter particles like antielectron (called positron) in 1932, antiproton (1955) and antineutron (1960). The question now was can these antiparticles be combined to make antimatter just like electron, proton and neutron combine to make matter. In 1965 scientists successfully combined an antiproton and an antineutron to make antideutron. (This is antineucleus)

In 1995, first antimatter was created involving positron also.

The field is very exciting and some believe there could be a world similar to that of us but opposite in nature, i.e. made up of antiparticles. With the big-bang not only produced electrons, protons, etc but also their antiparticles also.

Those intersted may follow this link.

Comic World said...

TPH: The theory of parallel universe where everything is same except the nature of the matter is theoretically very much possible as recently it has been discovered that a 'Black Hole',which pulls everything in it due to is infinitive gravitational pull,releases the energy via Throat(a medium or channel for energy transfer) into a 'White Hole' which is possibly a door to the parallel universe.
In our universe there are many Black Holes-White Holes duo and they occur at the places where the universe fibers(yes,universe is assumed to be made up of circular/elliptical fibers) overlaps,leading to the parallel universe.

bahadur said...

Dear Bala,great effort,magnificient post.
Keep it up.
They are vintage strips,no doubt.
Looking for more of the type,thanks.

dArA said...
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dArA said...

Many Thanks for this particular strip!! was waiting for the 'Original' Mirror Mystery(1944) since long... :-))
Yesterday I'd downloaded it n read in a one-go! :-)

Now,as it's known fact that our 'Diamond Comics' published the Mandrake strips 'from 1960 to 1992'(ONLY Dailies n 'NO' Sundays!),thus only the Return of Mirror people(D126;1964) n then 'Last comeback' of these mysterious world:Mirror mystery(D210;1992)were available in DC!!

As a result,this Original one(D033) was long awaited ....again thnx 4 providing it,Bala! :))

Ajay said...

Bala, Sinmply the best among the all the blogs. You are giving us which no body could give to us with your untiring efforts & with all your humbleness, I really appreciate your great efforts.

Grouchy's Comics said...

Many thanks for this gem Bala. Also the previous post of covers was truly spectacular.
Thank you

Phantom And Mandrake Fan said...

@CW: You are welcome, felt the same. Glad u liked it.
@ICC: You are welcome. Glad u liked it.
@TPH: You are welcome. Glad u liked it. Very interesting synopsis. Liked it. I think the antimatter theory was used in Star Trek the original series & the next generation (especially Data). Thanks for the link.
@CW: Wow, that's a great explanation of black & white holes. Never knew a white hole existed.
@Bahadur: You are welcome. Glad u liked it. Surely, more coming soon as always...
@Dara: You are welcome. Glad u liked it. Pretty good, I remember u gave me the link for the DC digest scan of the Mirror People, posted by Frank. Thats when I thought about posting this. Does DC 59 have both of these stories or maybe just the D126.
@Ajay: You are welcome. I am glad to hear those nice words. Enjoy the blog.
@GS: You are very welcome. Glad u liked it.

Ruchi said...

Thanks for this vintage comic. Very imaginative plot. Notice how Narda is wearing a (princess) crown :-)

- Ruchi.

dArA said...

DC #59 contains the last Mirror mystery(D210;1992) with another daily:The terrorists(D208;1991).....Btwn,these both r Post-Indrajal strips !

The Return of Mirror people(D126;1964) had published in an earlier DC ...

deratt1 said...

This is one of the best stories I've read recently- thanks for all you do!

Phantom And Mandrake Fan said...

@Ruchi: You are welcome. Glad to hear that u liked it. You are right, haven't seen Narda as a princess in other stories.
@Dara: Thanks for the info. If you happen to come across the Return of Mirror people(D126;1964) story, please forward me a copy.
@Deratt1: You are very welcome. Thanks for the email. As requested, I have provided the links for the complete Magic comic scans. Enjoy Blondie & Dagwood and other stories in these comics.

Anonymous said...

great collection, indeed.
Could you please post the un-edited version of "Magnon's glorious reign".. if you have it.


Rafiq Raja said...

Dear Bala,

Thanks for this wonderful colored version of Mystery People's 1st episode. I was able to add a reference of it in my recent post on Mandrake, which recently released Mandrake story in Tamil, featuring the 2nd episode of Mirror People. The link to the post is here :

Kudos to Falk's imagination and creativity.

HAJA said...

Great work done by the author. I am very eager to have original hard copies of comics linked above. I believe that one day I will own a copy of them.

Haja Ismail.M.
Saudi Arabia