Thursday, February 7, 2008

#092:Official Mandrake the Magician Pioneer Series 02

Here is the Second book in this series published 1988.

The book has Part 2 of Daily(D012) and Part 1 of Daily(D013).

D012 Sonny the Child Movie Star From 4 Apr 1938 to 14 May 1938 spanned 6 Weeks
D013 Mandrake and the Haunted House From 16 May 1938 to 9 Jul 1938 spanned 8 Weeks

The Official Mandrake 02.cbz
Download Comic Book Here


adibud34 said...

Yahoo!!! I have now managed to be the first to comment on four different awesome blogs! :D

But, I think I had downloaded this particular issue from some blog - I'm not sure, it might have been yours! I remember the spoilt kid Sonny in that issue!

dArA said...

Let me tell you abt what u asked visitors....."Have added Google AdSense, please click on the ads & visit the sponsors when time permits."

Google COMPLETELY Prohibited such when I add some adsense in last April/May,their team told me same that BLOGGERS CAN'T REQST OTHERS(OPENLY)FOR CLICKS....IT SHUD B SPONTANEOUS,OTHERWISE THAT ACCOUNT(FOR ANY Google-ads) WILL BE BANNED!

I donno whether they changed their policy....if it's then ok.
And please don take it any demeaning way! :-)

bahadur said...

Bala,u just seem to be away from the blog.Previously u used to answer queries or comments regularly but have been found missing on quite a few occasions now.You have become a busy man.
Anyway,continue the good effort.

Phantom And Mandrake Fan said...

@Aditya: You are indeed Number 1 visitor!!! The story could have been posted on TCP's blog may be. You are right.
@Dara: You may be right. I did not check that. I guess I will remove that.
@Bahadur/Chandan: Been busy with work and family. Will try to comment sooner. You are welcome.

comic60 said...

thanx for the comic. There seems to be a loss of continuity in the Sonny story. Is a page missing by any chance?