Saturday, February 2, 2008

#090: D232 - Siege at Xanadu 5 Jul 1999 to 9 Oct 1999

SUPERBOWL WEEKEND EDITION! (For those of you following NFL)

Mind Blowing Cover Page Folks!!!

Thanks a lot to Comic.Crazee for compilation of scans and creating the fabulous Cover page of this daily.
He is extremely talented. Glad to have him as one of the contributors to this blog. Enjoy.

The scans I had was not high resolution and if somebody has those, we can fix the daily to be even more enjoyable.

Download Comic Strip Here


dArA said...

oye Bala!!!!

Thnx a LOTTTTT!! :-)))

I was looking 4 this strip frm long(D232: 1st 'Original' Fredrick's creatn afer Falk) ...
wow!!! fab cover agin frm CC!!

I think we now SHUD pay him his 'fees' ...lets give him some scans of comics which yet 2 apper on blog(I guess,being a's the BEST suitable fess...what's say?? ;-))!!

dArA said...

Btwn,the resolutn is small,but good enough to read...I guess,it's directly frm Daily-Ink?? as the size indicates('same' we read in Aman's site)

And wid the colored cover,we'll enjoy this even MORE!!

P.S.- The Cover indicates we have one 'officail' Mandrake Comics site: ;o))

comic60 said...

thanx dude. the scans are pretty good and can easily be read. thats what counts.

Chatur Cheeta said...

Simply Fantastic! Thanks.

Indrajal Comics Club said...


fantastic post,

now post 212 as soon as possible... )))

Ruchi said...

Excellent comic. Thanks! For once Narda actually used her karate skills, but only once :-(

- Ruchi.

Phantom And Mandrake Fan said...

@Dara: You are welcome. I hope that's true that we have an official mandrake site. I told CC that he needs to put a Fee on the cover to make it look like a published comic book. These are from daily ink. At the time, only low res scans were available...
@comic60:You are welcome.
@chaturcheeta:You are welcome.
@ICC:You are welcome. Will do once I can get hold of it.
@Ruchi: You are welcome. Very true. Very rarely we see that.

Grouchy's Comics said...

Many thanks Bala. CC as always a professional job. Enjoyed the story.