Saturday, March 22, 2008

#100: Sunday 010, Daily 068, Indrajal Comic #163 The False Will

How about some more comments for the 100th post. I have got some more dailies in the pipeline...compliments of a few collectors.
Coming soon...(in a few days)

Here it is the post....The 100th Comic Post!!!
Thanks for the patience and the poll, by ComicCrazee for the 100th post. Many Thanks for this awesome gift.
What great to have friends like that. Let me hear what do you all think about this post... (hope everyone comments)

Sunday S010 : The Haunted Range: From 30 Oct 1938 to 25 Dec 1938 spanned 9 Weeks.
Found these scans as part of the Feature Book 046 which has 2 more sundays that will be posted soon. Thought of posting that but wanted to see some variety of scans in the 100th post.

Download Strip Here
Daily D068: Cleopatra's Treasure: From 14 Apr 1952 to 26 Jul 1952 spanned 15 Weeks.

Some Good news to share: Have found a contributor from Morocco, Myron who has been scanning old dailies and is sharing his scans with us. So, now I have a contributor from 5 continents!! Thanks a lot for the scans.

Download Strip Here
Indrajal Comic #163: The False Will: The much awaited Indrajal comic, remembered this was one of my first ones to read and enjoy. Was looking for this for a very long time. Many Thanks to Vikram (Ajay Mishra's friend) who has scanned his copy for the blog. Thanks to Ajay for getting the scans and making it available to me.

Download Comic Here (High Res Big Size File)