Saturday, March 22, 2008

#100: Sunday 010, Daily 068, Indrajal Comic #163 The False Will

How about some more comments for the 100th post. I have got some more dailies in the pipeline...compliments of a few collectors.
Coming soon...(in a few days)

Here it is the post....The 100th Comic Post!!!
Thanks for the patience and the poll, by ComicCrazee for the 100th post. Many Thanks for this awesome gift.
What great to have friends like that. Let me hear what do you all think about this post... (hope everyone comments)

Sunday S010 : The Haunted Range: From 30 Oct 1938 to 25 Dec 1938 spanned 9 Weeks.
Found these scans as part of the Feature Book 046 which has 2 more sundays that will be posted soon. Thought of posting that but wanted to see some variety of scans in the 100th post.

Download Strip Here
Daily D068: Cleopatra's Treasure: From 14 Apr 1952 to 26 Jul 1952 spanned 15 Weeks.

Some Good news to share: Have found a contributor from Morocco, Myron who has been scanning old dailies and is sharing his scans with us. So, now I have a contributor from 5 continents!! Thanks a lot for the scans.

Download Strip Here
Indrajal Comic #163: The False Will: The much awaited Indrajal comic, remembered this was one of my first ones to read and enjoy. Was looking for this for a very long time. Many Thanks to Vikram (Ajay Mishra's friend) who has scanned his copy for the blog. Thanks to Ajay for getting the scans and making it available to me.

Download Comic Here (High Res Big Size File)


Colin said...

Who is this gardagarmi????

Seems to be the fenshir scammer we had last time.

Unbeleiveable this. Stupid "see here or here" not worthy of adding to this blog which is for commenting on, not scam sites.

Any chance of deleting that pointless post?

Colonel Worobu said...

Congrats on your 100th post Bala! The 8 story in the Indrajal was superb and one of my faves.

Comic Crazee's crossword is simply awesome! He has superb talent. My compliments to him on this beautiful work.


Deb said...

Fantastic, MTM. Keep it up!!!

The Phantom Head said...

Congratulations! Landmark achievement. Your consistency and quality consciousness is brilliant.

The collection for century post is very good. Comic Crazee has again produced an amazing item. His talent is beyond any comparison. I was able to solve most of the puzzle, but having difficulty on (7 down + 12 across). Eight and Hojo? Don't fit properly.

I am yet to read the indrajal #163 but rest of the strips are superb.

Many thanks for all you have done so far. Great to have you around.

Ajay said...

Congrats Bla on your 100 th post.
Well done.

Chatur Cheeta said...

Congratulations on your 100th post and Wish you and your family A Happy Easter.

Ajay said...


comicrazee said...

TPH, I have deliberately left some clues little twisted for brilliant guys like you. Think little harder.

deratt1 said...

WOW! You asked us what we wanted to see and you gave us more than we could possibly expect! The crossword was a wonderful idea. This is, indeed, a special milestone. Thank you and all the scanners and posters for creating a place where we can all come and enjoy a common interest.Cheers!

comic60 said...

Congrats on ur century. Hope u dont get out like the normal batsmen out there, but go on for a bigger score :)

Comic World said...

Congrats on 100th post Bala,you have many more mile to go.Keep the good work continue.Thanks to Ajay for arranging the # 163.

Grouchy's Comics said...

Great post! Comic crazee: simply brilliant. Congrats on your 100th post. Its an awesome achievement.

Ruchi said...

Great post, great achievement, great comics. Keep 'em coming!

Congratulations, and thanks for your efforts.

- Ruchi.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone have a scan of the Clay Camel (and Women's Lib) from 1970?

dArA said...


We wish you'll continue this project for as LONG AS POSSIBLE!!:-)

And soryy for late reply....

congrats agian for this special post...:D

Phantom And Mandrake Fan said...

Oh I like the way you worded it. You are welcome. I hope so...
Thank you for the wishes, glad you liked my selection. Crossword took a lot of effort and planning from CC.
Thank you for the wishes, glad you liked my selection. You could say that, but let's see...
Thank you for the wishes, glad you liked my selection. Got your email, matter of fact even I am missing a couple of those answers...
They are indeed very good. Let's see how long I will have the motivation to do this.
These are some spammers Have deleted their posts. Just a pain since I do not want to enable comment moderation, can't help it.
@ColWorubu said:
Thank you for the wishes. His work is great, comes up with some awesome ideas. Will pass along the wishes.
Thanks for the emails.
You are welcome.
Thank you for the wishes. Glad to hear such appreciation. CC is indeed an awesome compliment to this blog. Am having some missing items as well. You are welcome. You have some awesome collections, hope to see more ACKs, email me if you have more in case u have decided to quit ACK blog.
Thank you for the wishes.
@Chatur Cheeta:
Thank you for the wishes,glad you liked it.
@CC: Some are indeed twisted...Nice idea
Glad to hear such appreciation. Am glad you liked it. You are very welcome.
Thank you for the wishes, let's hope not.
Thank you for the wishes, let's hope so, don't know if I can do it longer. Ajay has been a great help.
Thank you for the wishes, glad you are liking it.
Thank you for the wishes, glad you are liking it. Keep visiting.
I have posted a Indrajal of the Clay Camel which is what you are looking for.
Thank you for the wishes. Let's hope so. Better late than never.

dArA said...

How about some more comments for the 100th post

np prob...but,it's time for the #101,102 posts,buddy!! ;o)

Anyway,that puzzle is really cool...n plz post whatever new dailies/sudays you got!!

Cheers!! :D

Anonymous said...

Whoever scanned this book, 5 pages are missing from it. I don't have the english version, but if required i can provide the 5 missing pages of the Bengali version, if required.

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