Sunday, May 27, 2012

#193. Diamonds are there just to be stolen?!

Six more to go before the double century. Once gain I had to skip a number. I am presenting D216 here about some diamond thieves.

We have seen and read about attempted robbery within the College of Magic. The one of the CUBE by Lucifer of course was the big one. Here an outsider gains entry into the College and gets away with robbery! Of course he and his gang have to encounter the meddlesome Mandrake and Lothar.

Thanks are again due to Paulo, who did the extraction and editing. I helped with a few missing strips.



Sunday, May 20, 2012

#192. What can one say when the Creator fumbles?

Hello friends,

7 more to go before Balaji gets to the double century. While my aim was to post the Mandrake dailies in a chronological order, we hit a slight snag in that we have not been able to edit 212 & 213. In my last post of D211, we had seen how Falk joined two of Mandrake's greatest adversaries into just one.

In this story, he fumbles on the first ever meeting of Mandrake and Lothar. Fans who had grown with these characters had the story of Mad Dog Dill and the hunt for him which led to the first meeting of Mandrake and Lothar. In this story we have a new first meeting. I will leave it to Mr.Falk to tell you all about it.

Thanks are again owed to Paulo for extracting these strips from full newspaper downloads of 30-50 MB per day. I helped with a few missing strips.

Daily Ink has just today started S013 The Theater Mysteries in color.It will be 10 more weeks before it completes. I am waiting to replace my B/W version with this colored one when it ends.



(Still posting temporarily permanent or permanently temporary for Balaji till he returns to posting)

PS. While talking about the Creator's fumble, looks like I goofed up on my previous post where I posted the links for the complete S186 strip first posted in #190. Here is the correct link. Let me hope that I got it correct this time. Third time is a charm as they say. Sorry for the confusion and trouble.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

#191. Two is better than one ! Or is it not?

We have always enjoyed reading the stories where Mandrake takes on vicious foes like the Octon, Saki, Lucifer and many others. And then in D211, we were told that the Octon and the Cobra were one and the same person. It did come as an anti-climax. Not that Lee Falk did not give us hints about the impending unification of these two arch enemies of Mandrake.

Thanks are again owed to Paulo, who edited this strip (one of the few strips that ran for more than 32 weeks) and replaced some of the bad strips with colored ones from Diamond Comics. I recall that Ajay had posted the complete Diamond Comics version in his blog



(By mistake, I had missed a panel from the S186 strip. I posted new links. So if you had downloaded previous links, please download the new ones from post #190. Thanks to Paulo for catching the missing strip. I am enclosing the correct links here too. Prabhat and some others mentioned that they were not able to download from post #190: )

Saturday, May 12, 2012

#190 - Can I have some Tuttu Frutti ice cream?

We first came across this Tourist in the Daily strip D080, which ran from 01-03-55 thru 04-02-55. I don't know if this was published in any blog. But not to worry. I have been able to collect the whole strip and will soon be posting that, once I finish cropping and "cleaning" the strips.

Here I am presenting "The Return Of The Tourist", which was incidentally the penultimate (second to last) Sunday strip published.

Update: Our Friend Paulo noticed that there was a missing week in my previous upload. I have now put out the complete story. Please download from these new links.

Thanks are owed to Magnus Magnusson for the color strips. I was able to search out and get English strips to replace the non-English ones.

(For those of you who are wondering where you could get the last ever Sunday strip, that strip is available in Prabhat's blog in various sizes and colors. You could also download the B/W version here:
This is one of those rare stories in which the Phantom joins Mandrake and Lothar in a real adventure, instead of just showing up at one another's wedding.)



Tuesday, May 8, 2012

#189. Mirror Mirror on the dressing table!

I present here the third story in the Mirror series. The first story - D033_TheMirrorPeople_(10-09-1944_to_12-16-1944) - can be found in this blog itself, though not in a strip format. The second story - D126_ReturnOfTheMirrorPeople_(08-24-1964_to_01-02-1965) - can be found in Lothar's blog as his 100th  upload.

Paulo needs to be thanked for the editing of this strip too. A few of the original strips were really bad and he used some DC strips to complete the story.



Saturday, May 5, 2012

#188 - Gigantic Insects and what not?

Lee Falk has written many stories involving scientists and gigantic animals running around. Here is one of them. The story happens when Mandrake and Lothar are on their way to Harrison University, to perform. There is mention of what happened to them on an earlier journey to that University.

Thanks to Paulo, who has been most instrumental in getting all these dailies for us. I am trying to post these in a chronological order. Of course I skipped the order just for D220, since it was a COBRA story.



Wednesday, May 2, 2012

#187 - Dream come true?

Hello everyone,

Here is another Mandrake daily for you to enjoy. Could something you see in a dream turn out to be true? Well, read it to find out.

P.S. Don't forget to enjoy Narda in and out of Mandrake's dream

Of course I committed a major booboo while posting this. How could I not have acknowledged the efforts of Paulo to extract the strips from about 60 MB of data downloaded for this strory alone and the even replaced some of the bad strips with colored ones from Diamond Comics? My apologies and thanks, Paulo.