Sunday, May 20, 2012

#192. What can one say when the Creator fumbles?

Hello friends,

7 more to go before Balaji gets to the double century. While my aim was to post the Mandrake dailies in a chronological order, we hit a slight snag in that we have not been able to edit 212 & 213. In my last post of D211, we had seen how Falk joined two of Mandrake's greatest adversaries into just one.

In this story, he fumbles on the first ever meeting of Mandrake and Lothar. Fans who had grown with these characters had the story of Mad Dog Dill and the hunt for him which led to the first meeting of Mandrake and Lothar. In this story we have a new first meeting. I will leave it to Mr.Falk to tell you all about it.

Thanks are again owed to Paulo for extracting these strips from full newspaper downloads of 30-50 MB per day. I helped with a few missing strips.

Daily Ink has just today started S013 The Theater Mysteries in color.It will be 10 more weeks before it completes. I am waiting to replace my B/W version with this colored one when it ends.



(Still posting temporarily permanent or permanently temporary for Balaji till he returns to posting)

PS. While talking about the Creator's fumble, looks like I goofed up on my previous post where I posted the links for the complete S186 strip first posted in #190. Here is the correct link. Let me hope that I got it correct this time. Third time is a charm as they say. Sorry for the confusion and trouble.


praveen said...

Excellent !!!!!
Thanks a lot,Venkit for posting wonderful rare comics one after another. Thanks to Paulo, too.

PBC said...

Thanks a lot!

The links for colour srips (post #190) are not given.

Gaurav Arya said...

Daer Venki thanks a lot for this post.

Venkitachalam Subramanian said...

I have reposted the correct MediaFire link for S186 in all the 3 relevant posts.

I downloaded the file from this link before posting it. It does work fine. But of late there have been problems with MediaFire and you may have some issues. Wait for sometime and then try again.

Sorry for the confusion and thanks to Prabhat and Paulo to point out the problem.

PBC said...

Thanks Venlit!
Check my mail, you may find useful.