Saturday, May 5, 2012

#188 - Gigantic Insects and what not?

Lee Falk has written many stories involving scientists and gigantic animals running around. Here is one of them. The story happens when Mandrake and Lothar are on their way to Harrison University, to perform. There is mention of what happened to them on an earlier journey to that University.

Thanks to Paulo, who has been most instrumental in getting all these dailies for us. I am trying to post these in a chronological order. Of course I skipped the order just for D220, since it was a COBRA story.




praveen said...

Thanks, Venkit and ,Paulo for this series of rare Mandrake Comic Strips.

This road to the Harrison University seems to be a very dangerous one.

Waiting for more eagerly.

Just a suggestion----- I wish if these stories could be posted in a book format if possible.

PBC said...

Thanks Venkit!

@Praveen: There is no need of making book format. Its waste of time only as there is comics softwares avialble
which can give you book like effect. I'll check & inform you by mail.

TPH said...

I think Lee Falk had started becoming more and more repetitive around the time this story was published. Never the less, its an interesting story with all Falkian drama and strange happenings to intrigue the reader.

Thanks to all involved in this post.

Venkitachalam Subramanian said...

My aim as also of others is to try and publish the strips in their original format. So I will not be posting them in book format. Sorry.

Gaurav Arya said...

Yes there is no need to change format. We should accept these in original format.

praveen said...

No problem...!
Original format is equally and heartily welcome....

praveen said...

Thanks for the offer, Prabhat..