Saturday, May 12, 2012

#190 - Can I have some Tuttu Frutti ice cream?

We first came across this Tourist in the Daily strip D080, which ran from 01-03-55 thru 04-02-55. I don't know if this was published in any blog. But not to worry. I have been able to collect the whole strip and will soon be posting that, once I finish cropping and "cleaning" the strips.

Here I am presenting "The Return Of The Tourist", which was incidentally the penultimate (second to last) Sunday strip published.

Update: Our Friend Paulo noticed that there was a missing week in my previous upload. I have now put out the complete story. Please download from these new links.

Thanks are owed to Magnus Magnusson for the color strips. I was able to search out and get English strips to replace the non-English ones.

(For those of you who are wondering where you could get the last ever Sunday strip, that strip is available in Prabhat's blog in various sizes and colors. You could also download the B/W version here:
This is one of those rare stories in which the Phantom joins Mandrake and Lothar in a real adventure, instead of just showing up at one another's wedding.)




PBC said...

Thanks a lot! As far I know, it's not posted in Mandrake dedicated blogs.

HojO said...

I think this version is new,as Magnus got new sunday pages and funny part is the other verion in pdf was published in this blog only :

AJAY said...

Thanks , Venkit . As Sagnik informed this was posted on this blog already but this version is is in very good quality

Venkitachalam Subramanian said...

I was actually wondering if the first part was posted anywhere. Since I have all Mandrake stuff posted by Balaji and Lothar, I also try to replace PDF versions, while also trying to get new strips. Magnus has been magnanimous to share his collection of English and Swedish strips, I try to get English versions from the various archives on the Net and complete his stories. I have quite a few ready and coming up.

praveen said...

Thanks a ton, Venkit for this rare strip.I also want to thank Magnus Magnusson for the strips.

TPH said...

nice scans. sunday strips in original colours are always great to see.

thanks venkit and others.