Tuesday, May 8, 2012

#189. Mirror Mirror on the dressing table!

I present here the third story in the Mirror series. The first story - D033_TheMirrorPeople_(10-09-1944_to_12-16-1944) - can be found in this blog itself, though not in a strip format. The second story - D126_ReturnOfTheMirrorPeople_(08-24-1964_to_01-02-1965) - can be found in Lothar's blog as his 100th  upload.



Paulo needs to be thanked for the editing of this strip too. A few of the original strips were really bad and he used some DC strips to complete the story.




HojO said...

Nice story.Thanks!

PBC said...

Thanks Venkit & Paulo!

TPH said...

A plethora of antimatter related fiction erupted during 30s and 40s soon after the concept first hit the scientific world. Falk created the mirror people stories on the same theme and with quite some success.

Thanks to all concerned for this post.

Gaurav Arya said...

Thanks Paulo and Venkit.

praveen said...

Thanks, Venkit & Paulo for another Mandrake--- an interesting story!!!!!

Peter Hammill said...

Hello, good people!!!

Thanks for this terrific story!!!

Where can I find the LOTHAR'S BLOG, 'cause I want so bad the 3 part's MIRROR SAGA!!!

"Life Gets Sweeter Everyday!"

Peter Hammill - BRAZIL