Saturday, April 28, 2012

#186 - A Mandrake daily that has Clay Camel and 8 in it.

Hopefully, all of you enjoyed the two previous dailies posted. This post contains a Mandrake story that has the Clay Camel and 8.

Some of the strips including the opening strip were really bad. Paulo, our new friend (but a very old Mandrake fan) never ceases to amaze me with his resourcefulness. He replaced those bad strips with strips taken from Diamond Comics!!

Thanks are due to Paulo and Balaji.



Tuesday, April 24, 2012

#185 - A Mandrake Daily as promised earlier

During the course of posting the daily D220 earlier, I had mentioned briefly about how Balaji, Paulo Marques and I had teamed together to download a few rare Mandrake dailies.

Here is one of the earliest dailies. This is D-206 (The Other Side Of Nowhere). This had come out in Diamond Comics in India in color. Here it is in the original newspaper format.

Expressing thanks to Paulo, Balaji and myself(ha.. ha..)  for this



Saturday, April 21, 2012

#184 - 3 more Mandrake Sunday strips

Still in my role of guest host for Balaji. I am presenting two of the most popular episodes of the Indrajal era and another Sunday strip. These may have already been posted else where in an incomplete fashion or a mixture of English and non-English pages. But here you get it fully in English.

The first story is about the meeting of Mandrake and Lothar. Not a new one for IJC fans, but here it is in its original Sunday format.

The second story is "The Galactic Rumble". As you can see from the various sizes and shades, I have culled it from various sources.

The third story is of course the story of how Mandrake came to be the owner of Xanadu. The scene where Mandrake sees himself in the mirror, thus knowing that he was the owner, is still fresh in my mind.

Credits are owed to Magnus for most of the color strips.

Enjoy these. There will a flood of Mandrake strips coming up soon for your enjoyment. Balaji too will be back soon 

Adios amigos.


Friday, April 20, 2012

#183 - 4 Adventures of Mandrake and Lothar on the way to Moxley University

Still holding the fort for Balaji, I am providing below links for about 4 stories that happened during the course of a journey to Moxley University. Mandrake and Lothar encounter the wierdest of adventures before performing and helping the students. That story will come later. Some of these stories are available on the Net in non-English versions (thanks to people like the one and only Magnus Magnusson).

I have tried to replace the non-English versions by searching out the strips from paid and non-paid archives including AWW and Steve Cottle's collection. Ofcourse there was the always dependable Magnus to help with quite a few of the English strips also.

S127 - The Ghost Town -

S128 - The Plane Hijackers -

S129 - The Man From Europa -

S130 - The Giant Head -

I had posted D220 earlier. Look out for more daily strips of the 90s in this space.



Wednesday, April 18, 2012

#182 - Two more Mandrake Sunday strips

Here are two more Sunday strips for you all to enjoy. As you will see by the various sizes of the strips, I have culled these from various newspapers over the Net.

S093_TheDouble_(09-08-63_to_01-19-64) - This is a theme which Lee Falk has used more than a couple of times in his illustrious career

S098_TheUnderWorldVsInterIntel_(04-10-66_to_08-07-66) - Is this  the first reference to Inter-Intel?


Monday, April 16, 2012

#181 - Three Mandrake Sunday strips - Unseen?

I am back again, in my avatar as a guest host. Without much ado, I am presenting 3 Sunday strips, I have collected from various sources on the Net - paid archives and free - and shared with some of my friends on various comics groups.

The first story is S090 (The Task Test)

The second story is S091 (The Trade Commission or Blue Planet)

The third story is S092 (The Ghost Lover) involving Magnon.

I have not tried any magic with PS. Many of these were scans from microfilm and so some blackness is there. If someone amongst you can clean them, it is always welcome.

Friday, April 13, 2012

#180: Double encounter between Mandrake and his arch enemy the COBRA

Today is April 14, which means it is Vishu or Bihu or Baisakhi or Bisu or Naba Barsha or Tamil Puthandu or Pana Sankranti depending on which part of India you live. It is also Songkran or Pee Mai Lao or Chaul Chnam Thmey or Thingyan based on which part of South East Asia. For people in all these areas, it is Happy New Year today.

Here is a picture of a usual Vishu Kani:

Happy Vishu to one and all.

What better way to celebrate the New Year than lay back and read 2 comic strips featuring Mandrake and his greatest enemy - the COBRA.

The first strip is a Sunday strip - S097 (The COBRA Returns).
The color strips are from the one and only Magnus, while I procured the B/W strips to replace the Swedish strips. So we do have the whole story in English. The last panel was a heavily edited one from AWW.

The second strip is a daily strip D220 (Pursuit of the COBRA).
This strip was from a new friend but an old Mandrake enthusiast Paulo.

Keep watching this space for a lot more surprises and some never before seen Mandrake strips.


Sunday, April 8, 2012

#179: S124 Return To X From Feb 10, 1974 To June 30, 1974

Happy Easter to All.

Back after some time with another colorful Sunday. This time it is Mandrake and Lothar who go in search of Fran in the dimension X. Another exciting adventure. Love the fiction and the way it is portrayed in an unknown dimension.

Found the missing Strips and updated the archive.

Thanks a lot again to Magnus and Venkit for making this story available to us. Amazing efforts indeed for their relentless pursuit to complete Mandrake comic strips.

Download the Strip here.