Friday, April 13, 2012

#180: Double encounter between Mandrake and his arch enemy the COBRA

Today is April 14, which means it is Vishu or Bihu or Baisakhi or Bisu or Naba Barsha or Tamil Puthandu or Pana Sankranti depending on which part of India you live. It is also Songkran or Pee Mai Lao or Chaul Chnam Thmey or Thingyan based on which part of South East Asia. For people in all these areas, it is Happy New Year today.

Here is a picture of a usual Vishu Kani:

Happy Vishu to one and all.

What better way to celebrate the New Year than lay back and read 2 comic strips featuring Mandrake and his greatest enemy - the COBRA.

The first strip is a Sunday strip - S097 (The COBRA Returns).
The color strips are from the one and only Magnus, while I procured the B/W strips to replace the Swedish strips. So we do have the whole story in English. The last panel was a heavily edited one from AWW.

The second strip is a daily strip D220 (Pursuit of the COBRA).
This strip was from a new friend but an old Mandrake enthusiast Paulo.

Keep watching this space for a lot more surprises and some never before seen Mandrake strips.



HojO said...

Thanks for D220's english version!Thanks to both of you & Paulo! :)) Till date we had only a colored Swedish version courtsey Magnus.

A great story where for the 1st time we have seen Cobra's other-side(as a chemist) rather than usual magic power (that he lost to Mandrake).Btwn,The art was not that up2the mark due to the obvious reason of Fred's age!

HojO said...

And Subho Nava Barsha!! :))
This is also 1st day of Bewngali calender.It's year 1419 here,what's in Tamil??

praveen said...

Happy Vishnu to all.
Thanks for the comics.It is good to see regular and nice posts at your site.

Venkitachalam Subramanian said...

I am playing Balaji for this week.

@Hojo - I follow the Malayalam Calendar and so year 1187 has just started.

@Praveen - It is Vishu and not Vishnu. Rarest of Mandrake comics and strips will be appearing on this site on a regular basis. Wait and enjoy.

PBC said...

Thanks for accelerating Mandrake strips which were underground longer than other comics of that era!

Anonymous said...

The second link is not working