Saturday, April 21, 2012

#184 - 3 more Mandrake Sunday strips

Still in my role of guest host for Balaji. I am presenting two of the most popular episodes of the Indrajal era and another Sunday strip. These may have already been posted else where in an incomplete fashion or a mixture of English and non-English pages. But here you get it fully in English.

The first story is about the meeting of Mandrake and Lothar. Not a new one for IJC fans, but here it is in its original Sunday format.

The second story is "The Galactic Rumble". As you can see from the various sizes and shades, I have culled it from various sources.

The third story is of course the story of how Mandrake came to be the owner of Xanadu. The scene where Mandrake sees himself in the mirror, thus knowing that he was the owner, is still fresh in my mind.

Credits are owed to Magnus for most of the color strips.

Enjoy these. There will a flood of Mandrake strips coming up soon for your enjoyment. Balaji too will be back soon 

Adios amigos.



Indrajal Comics Club said...

Great.. You are doing a one man show here. Getting mandrake strips, posting for Bala ( where is he btw, is he expecting a third child, or what? ;) ) scanning ijs.. Keep it up.

Btw, could you please provide the number of the third Sunday?

Venkitachalam Subramanian said...


AJAY said...

Very good . Always expecting more to come .

AlbÂș said...

On the way to complete the sundays.

¡Muchas gracias!