Sunday, April 8, 2012

#179: S124 Return To X From Feb 10, 1974 To June 30, 1974

Happy Easter to All.

Back after some time with another colorful Sunday. This time it is Mandrake and Lothar who go in search of Fran in the dimension X. Another exciting adventure. Love the fiction and the way it is portrayed in an unknown dimension.

Found the missing Strips and updated the archive.

Thanks a lot again to Magnus and Venkit for making this story available to us. Amazing efforts indeed for their relentless pursuit to complete Mandrake comic strips.

Download the Strip here.


praveen said...

Thanks a lot for this comic. I am happy that this blog has become so active again. Waiting for more.

HojO said...

Thanks for this post! :)
Btwn,u can get the missing 5-26 strip here :

HojO said...

Thanks for this post! :)
Btwn,u can get the missing 5-26 strip here :

Phantom And Mandrake Fan said...

Hi Praveen, surely you are welcome. Enjoy.

Hojo, You are welcome. Thanks for sending the link to the missing strips. Was able to get the story completed.

To All: I have added the missing strips and uploaded the complete file. Enjoy.

Venkitachalam Subramanian said...

Not sure how I missed that strip. Anyway happy that we were able to have the whole strip. Am working on getting D206. You will be surprised how it resembles this and a couple of other sci-fi stories from Falk himself.

AJAY said...

thanks Bala as well all involved one.

who want to enjoy in book format , link is here :

HojO said...

D206(The Other Side of Nowhere) was
already published in DC-M #9 & 56 in colored & unedited format.
The story was ok sort but nothing special as repeats the same theme!

PBC said...

Bala ji in mood. Keep your this mood for longer. :)

Thanks to Venkit & Magnus! You guys are making life (blogging & collection process) just easy.