Friday, April 20, 2012

#183 - 4 Adventures of Mandrake and Lothar on the way to Moxley University

Still holding the fort for Balaji, I am providing below links for about 4 stories that happened during the course of a journey to Moxley University. Mandrake and Lothar encounter the wierdest of adventures before performing and helping the students. That story will come later. Some of these stories are available on the Net in non-English versions (thanks to people like the one and only Magnus Magnusson).

I have tried to replace the non-English versions by searching out the strips from paid and non-paid archives including AWW and Steve Cottle's collection. Ofcourse there was the always dependable Magnus to help with quite a few of the English strips also.

S127 - The Ghost Town -

S128 - The Plane Hijackers -

S129 - The Man From Europa -

S130 - The Giant Head -

I had posted D220 earlier. Look out for more daily strips of the 90s in this space.




PBC said...

VS, once again thank you very much!

Colonel Worobu said...

Thank you Venkit! Great stuff.

The Phantom Head (TPH) said...

Thanks Venkit. Superb show as always.

Sumit said...

Thanks for these great comics. But the download links are not working. Can u pls check??