Monday, April 16, 2012

#181 - Three Mandrake Sunday strips - Unseen?

I am back again, in my avatar as a guest host. Without much ado, I am presenting 3 Sunday strips, I have collected from various sources on the Net - paid archives and free - and shared with some of my friends on various comics groups.

The first story is S090 (The Task Test)

The second story is S091 (The Trade Commission or Blue Planet)

The third story is S092 (The Ghost Lover) involving Magnon.

I have not tried any magic with PS. Many of these were scans from microfilm and so some blackness is there. If someone amongst you can clean them, it is always welcome.


Gaurav Arya said...

Thanks vankit for these 3 Sunday strips.

AlbÂș said...

Thanks for those inedits sundays.

Venkitachalam Subramanian said...

Thanks for the good sentiments.

(Still posting for Balaji this week)

PBC said...

Lovely! The way yoy are going, soon we'll have many Mandrake strips.
Thanks a lot!