Sunday, April 21, 2013

250 - Mandrake and gang play spoilsport on what could be a feminist's dream island!!

This is my first post in my second year of substituting for Balaji in this blog. In the mega blog related to the Flame Pearls, we had posted this strip collected from various sources. Here I have the full strip in color (well except one).

Download the RS version here

Download the MF version here

My trusted Win 7 computer crashed and I had to buy a Win 8 computer. I have spent the last two days getting most of my programs re-installed. I have yet  to get back my settings for programs.

So please let me know if you encounter any issues.



On a statistical note, this is actually the 250th post in this blog. Don't know what happened with the numbering. So I have corrected the numbering starting from this post.


HojO said...

Why there is sudden confusion?? The post-number refers to the "comic-posts" only,as Bala did since 2007,so it's 209th post only,and 250th total,but the numbering should be #209 as the random posts aren't included in this numbering!!

praveen said...

Thanks for posting this nice strip. It was a smooth download without any problem.