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#022:L’intégrale - tome 1: D-080 The tourist 1955-01-03 to 1955-04-02

Fifth story of this book....
5. LÕhomme qui revient du futur
Original US name: The tourist
Story number: D-080 (based on the Deep WoodsÕ Mandrake list of stories)
Start date: 1955-01-03
End date: 1955-04-02
Printed in: SpŽcial Mandrake #58, June 1968.
Reprint start page: file133.jpg
Reprint end page: file184.jpg

A farmer is at work on a field while his tractor is stopped in front of a small hole. Ed walk all around something hard but invisible until a guy making apologizes moves the objet to some meters on top of the field. Then he exchange a youth pill to some dollars to buy a true beefsteak. Ed goes back to the farm and talks to Maggie his wife. He get ill and get back twenty years younger! Ed goes to the city and Maggie goes to the city police station asking them to search his husband. Mandrake always around hear the old lady story and... start to think that her story can be true: "too silly to not been true". Will Mandrake and Maggie reach Ed ? Who is this mysterious guy? All these answers and much more are disclosed in the story: read it!

Nota: this tourist came back many years later (but what are some years for a time traveler ?) in the sunday 186: Return of the Tourist (2001-12-09 thru 2002-05-12) and in daily 248: Space Glitch (2004-08-16 thru 2005-02-22); art was done by Fred Fredricks.

1955-01-03: the first strip of this story.
Image 1:
One morning, while he is working on his field...
Image 2:
Ed the farmer: I fall into some hard thing, but I see nothing. I cannot go ahead too!
Image 3:
Ed: But what can have done this hole?
Image 4:
Ed: ! But there is something solid here!

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