Saturday, May 18, 2013

#254 - D161_Super Shark_(08-18-75_to_11-15-75)

This is yet another daily strip that has never been presented before completely in English. For Indrajal Comics fans This was printed as No 274 in 1977 as "The Haunted Beach", with a few edits.


This was also sent to me by my Australian friend Donald LadhamsAnother familiar Mandrake fan Paulo Marques, helped me with editing and was also instrumental in getting some missing strips. I just increased the size of the individual files. We have not done extensive edits. So you will be still seeing some dark lines and black spots. 

Download RS version from here

Download MF version from here

Enjoy the story,


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HojO said...

This strip got few panels chopped in the Indrajal...and those weren't mere recap panels..this was happened with many other strips aswell!
ToI's this practice only increases the popularity of original strips among the Indian fans!