Saturday, August 17, 2013

#265 - S161_TheSportOfMagicians_(04-09-89_to_08-27-89)

Here is a Sunday strip, part of the Kraken series that was never published in IJC. Nothing great about it as a story. A rehash of a few of Lee Falk's earlier stories. The only change is that the protagonists are on a voyage and on land in between voyages.

Download MF version here

Download RS version here




HojO said...

Whatever associated with Kraken series is nostalgic as mid of this 4-yr-long series Indrajal was cancelled!So we missed this series and whatever left is ok wid us,Ijc lovers! :)
Between,Kraken itself was a rehash of Falk's old concept(S018; '40s),where a similar under-water gigantic moster was appeared!, as one can see this forum post:
But Kraken was an elaborate and detalied attempt of that small part...

HojO said...

And thanks for this English b/w version which I have been waiting since long although have an Italian ver. since last few years!

AJAY said...

Thanks . Never read this story earlier .

Ranjan Gangopadhyay said...

thanks ........ for the post

HojO said...

I have a couple of questions to ALL ardent mandrake fans..hopefully someone can explain:
Don't you think the title of this story is bit wrong,i.e. it should be "The Sports Of Magician" than "The Sport Of Magicians"?? The latter one means a completely different tale(that what I presumed before receiving the Italian ver)!!

Secondly,shouldn't Kraken-saga be a 10-part adventure as I wonder why that seemingly different tales(raft people & sleeping pirates) have been combined under one??