Saturday, August 10, 2013

#264 - S007 Full color version from a Knight in Shining armor & some disheartening news

In my last post I had expressed the hope that a Knight in shining armor, would come forth with a full color version of the S007 (The Treasure Hunt) strip. And sure enough, a full color version has been provided to us by none other than Magnus Magnusson. How does one thank a person who has been so selflessly sharing whatever Mandrake strips he has been able to get from various sources. There are obviously no words that can express the gratitude.

Thank you, Magnus, once again.

Download RS version here

Download MF version here

I would also like to bring to all of you the address of  a publishing house in Norway, which has been publishing 3 full color Sunday stories in a single book, since 2005. The cost comes to about USD 60.00 per book.
Thule Forlag AS
PO Box 4006
N-2306 HAMAR

Now to the disheartening news:
It is now official. The other day King Features came out with the news that Fred Fredericks has officially retired at the end of July and they would be resorting to regular reprints of strips starting from September 2nd, 2013, much like Flash Gordon. There have been a lot of comments in Daily Ink after that notification calling upon King Features to create a new team and continue the Mandrake strip. Hopefully the "powers that be" in KFS will listen and create a new team that can come out with good stories and art. Thanks to Fredericks for having imparted joy to a lot of people even after the demise of Lee Falk.


HojO said...

Thanks to FRED for his immense impact in the MTM strips for almost 50 years,and at the same time I'm happy that he's retiring as he was visibly cudn't handle the pressure at this age and it gives pain to see how Fred's fantastic art is gradually declining 'supported' with thinner scripts!!
Also that means we will get Re-print of old classics as that's better than having some trash created by the KFS trash-team!!

HojO said...

The current re-print strip going is D220...I wonder how Kfs will pick the reprints?? Hopefully they won't reprint any Post-Falk strips!!That would be foolish!!