Saturday, August 3, 2013

#263 - S160_Singing Rocks_(11-13-88_to_04-02-89)

I had planned to post the Kraken series in chronological order, but took a detour to post S177, in response to a request by Magnus.

Here I am  with the next instalment of the Kraken series, which also happened to be the last installment of the series published by Indrajal Comics. This was published as Vol 26 No 36 in 1989 as The Mystery Of The Singing Rocks. Only two more Mandrake stories appeared till the whole venture wound up and they were reprints of Daily strips 201 & 202.

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P.S. There are just 22 more stories and we will have all Mandrake Sunday strips online between this blog and Lothar's blog. I have been able to get 21 of them complete in B/W from various sources. S007 is the one strip that I have kept to the last, as I am looking for better versions of certain panels. Maybe a knight in shining armor will give us a full color version in English?


Shivkumar Vaishnaw said...

Thanks, Venkitachalam,

Nice & Rare.

HojO said...

thanks...first read this in b/w..

AJAY said...

Very nice scans . If all scans were available in this quailty, looks like a dream .

Thanks for sharing