Sunday, September 1, 2013

#267 - S164_DangersInTheJungle_(07-01-90_to_12-16-90)

Well, all adventures have to come to an end and this was the last story in the Kraken series. As the name suggests, this story takes place in the jungle and that too in the locality of Lothar's former tribe.

The color strips are courtesy, Magnus Magnusson, one of the greatest Mandrake fans ever. All I did was complete the story in English, replacing the Swedish strips.

Download RS version here

Download MF version here

Enjoy and shower your thanks on Magnus


Shivkumar Vaishnaw said...

Thanks, Magnus Magnusson

HojO said...
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HojO said...

The S164 I had(from Magnus) was missing 2 sundays(7-15 & 12-9).As I see You have added 7-15 in this one but where is the 12-9??

And as I see you have skipped S163....while we have the 'complete' version of this,but many strips are 4-panel ones so, if you got the 6-panel counterparts, will request to repost that too!


AJAY said...

Thanks . I had never read this story earlier . Thanks for sharing

Venkitachalam Subramanian said...

I got the missing strip. Will replace the link after a couple of other posts.

Anyway, I plan a post which will have all the Kraken strips together later.

HojO said...

It's a good idea to post a Kraken-special one with all links!
Thanks in advance! :)