Saturday, June 22, 2013

258 - D163_TheEvilTwin_(02-16-76_to_06-19-76)

This is yet another Mandrake newspaper strip sent to me by my Australian friend Donald Ladhams, with another familiar Mandrake fan Paulo Marques, helping me with extracting and editing of the strips. There were a few missing strips and Paulo was able to get those.  I just increased the size of the individual files. We have not done extensive edits. So you will be still seeing some dark lines and black spots. 

There is a Tempo Books version of this story available on the Net and it was posted by Balaji, owner of this blog, quite a while ago.

You will notice that this is one of the very few story telling sessions in Xanadu, where Narda does not wear a bikini. To make up for that, Jill wears one.
For IJC lovers, this story came as 294 - The Satan's Man in 1978

Download RS version

Download MF version

All gratitude to be expressed to Don and Paulo.